Information on Doctoral thesis of Fellows Vuong Quoc Thang

Project title: The competitiveness of Vietnam’s rubber industry during international economic integration

1. Full name of researcher: Vuong Quoc Thang

2. Gender: Male

3. Date of Birth: 14 May 1974

4. Place of Birth: Nghệ An

5. Research approval number:  3669/QĐ-SĐH 28 October 2009 by Vietnam National University’s director.

6. Changes made during the course of training: Nil

7. Project title: The competitiveness of Vietnam’s rubber industry during international economic integration

8. Field of study: Business administration

9. Index number: 62340501

10. Mentors: Assoc.Prof.PhD. Tran Anh Tai, Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Manh Tuan

11. Research result summary:

- The study has shown the strong relationship between levels of competition: production, businesses, industries and nations.

- The study has chosen suitable theoretical framework by analysing and comparing different approaches.

- Determined and studied different factors affecting rubber industry’s competitiveness.

In terms of practicality:

- The sudy drew on lessons of raising the compeitiveness of rubber industry from several economies, competitors and/or Vietnam’s own rubber market.

- Through researching and surveying reality, the study has anayzed the effects of different factors to the competitiveness of Vietnam’s rubber industry, reiterated the vital role of Vietnam Rubber Group as well as that of the Government. At the same time, the study has pointed out the successes and limitations and their causes in creating and developing the competitiveness of Vietnam’s rubber industry according to the ‘Diamond’ model, a typical product of which is natural rubber.

- The study offers views and methods to raise the competitiveness of Vietnam’s rubber industry in view of Vietnam’s active participation in global value chains. Especially, the study has constructed a value chain model for Vietnam’s rubber industry, which confirmed the competitive advantage Vietnam has in terms of production costs in global market.

- The methods offered follow the ‘Diamond’ Model, which matches both theory and reality. Thus they are appropriate and feasible.

12. Application: The study can serve as a reference for teaching and researching in the field of Business Administration. Moreover, it can serve as reference for Vietnam’s rubber industry and Vietnam Rubber Group in their effort to improve and raise their competitiveness.

13. Subject of the follow-up research: The competitiveness of Vietnam rubber industry in view of global economic crisis.

14. Published works related to this study:

-  Vuong Quoc Thang (2012), Competing on global rubber market: global experiences and lessons for Vietnam’s rubber industry published on Economic Management Magazine, issue no. 48 (Jul+Aug 2012) Pg.53-56.

-  Vuong Quoc Thang (2013), Completing the criteria for competitiveness of Vietnam’s rubber industry pulished on Economic and Forecast, issue no. 02, 2013, Pg.54-56.


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