Information on Doctoral thesis of Fellows Hoang Trieu Hoa

1. PhD student’s name: Hoang Trieu Hoa    
2. Gender: Female
3. Date of birth: 15/11/1976          
4. Place of birth: Ha Noi

5. PhD student's recognition announcement No: 4423/QĐ-ĐT, Date: 18th Dec 2012.

6. Changes in training process: None

7. Thesis Title: Distribution policies for the poors in Vietnam

8. Major: Political Economics       
9. Code: 62 31 01 01
10. Thesis supervisors: Assoc.Prof.PhD Pham Van Dung

11. Summary of Thesis’s new findings Research aims:

Distribution policies for the poor people are not simply to reduce poverty monetarily but further to enable them to access resources that enhance their ability to participate in the labour markets. When the poors are capable of participating in the labour market, they have jobs and income. The thesis thus aims to analyse and point out the positive and negative aspects of the distribution policies for the poor people of Vietnam in the recent years and make recommendations to improve these policies in the near future so that they will really play great roles in poverty reduction in Vietnam.

Research objectives: The thesis researches distribution policies for the poor people in Vietnam as the tools to underpin economic development as well as the mechanism to exercise social advancement and fairness.

12. Potential for pratical applications:

The resolutions that the thesis proposes may be applised in the formation and carrying out of poverty reduction policies in Vietnam.

13. Future research directions:

Studying social policies for sustainable poverty reductions.

14. Relevant publicationsregarding the thesis:

  1. Hoang Trieu Hoa (2009), Income distribution policy in the market economy in Vietnam. Science research project, Vietnam National University.
  2. Hoang Trieu Hoa (2012), Income distribution policy for the poors through social welfare in Japan, South Korea and lessons for Vietnam, Asian -Pacific Economic Review. No 358 (3/2012).
  3. Hoang Trieu Hoa (2012), Income distribution in the U.S. and recommendations for Vietnam, Journal of American Studies. No 171(6/2012).
  4. Hoang Trieu Hoa (2014), Income Inequality in Singapore and implications for Vietnam, Asian - Pacific Economic Review. No 421(3/2014).
  5. Hoang Trieu Hoa (2014), Sustainable poverty reduction: Support from education- training and health policies, Economy and Forecast Review. No 12 (6/2014).

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