Information on Doctoral thesis of Fellows Nguyen Cong Thang

Dissertation title: The Conversion of agricultural land use and its effects on interest groups in Bac Ninh

1. Author: Nguyen Cong Thang

2. Sex: male

3. Date of birth: 13th September 1983

4. Place of birth: Bac Ninh city, Bac Ninh Province

5. Admission Decision number: 2224/QĐ-ĐHKT dated 03/11/2011 by the VNU University of Economics and Business

6. Dissertation title: The Conversion of agricultural land use and its effects on interest groups in Bac Ninh

7. Major: Political economy

8. Code:

9. Supervisors: 1. Assoc Prof. Nguyen Ngoc Thanh, PhD

2. Assoc Prof. Nguyen Dinh Long, PhD

10. Summary of the new findings of the dissertation

-         Highlighting that the conversion of land use is a natural tendency for all countries in the process of economic and social development

-         Clarifying the social and economic problems arise, the need to handle these issues, especially the issue of the benefits of the interest group

-         Analyzing the status of the conversion of land use in Bac Ninh and its impact to the various interest groups, thesis also develops an analytical framework pointing out both positive and negative effects of such status to economic and social development in BacNinh

-         Having given the orientation and solutions for conversion of land use to harmonize the group interests for sustainable development in BacNinh

11. Practical application: the findings of thesis are the basis for formulating policies in agricultural land development to ensure the harmonization among interest group in Bac Ninh Vietnam

12. Further research directions: Sustainable livelihood framework and micro-econometrics models are used to quantify the impact of changes in purposes of using land for various interest groups.

13. Dissertation related publications

 [1] Nguyen Cong Thang (2011), Diversification in investment in HoChiMinh, Electronic Journal of Communism, Issue 221

[2] Nguyen Cong Thang (2011), Improvement in the efficiency of public investment in DaNang, Journal of Science and Economy of HaiPhong, Issue 110

[3] Nguyen Cong Thang (2011), Duality FDI in VietNam, Industry Magazine, Issue 49.

[4] Nguyen Cong Thang (2011), IDE, Les deux faces de la medaille, LE COURRIER DU VIETNAM, Issue 5367.

[5] Nguyen Cong Thang (2014), The impact of conversion of land use on group interest in BacNinh in the period 2001-2012, Journal of the Asia-Pacific, Issue 435.

[6] Nguyen Cong Thang (2014), The role of state in harmonizing group interest when conducting conversion of land use in Vietnam, Journal of the Asia-Pacific, Issue 439.



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