Information on Doctoral thesis of Fellows Dinh Quoc Thang

Title thesis: Health Benefits of the market economy in Vietnam today

1. Fellow’s full name: Dinh Quoc Thang

2. Gender: Male

3. Date of birth: April 16th 1965 

4. Place of birth: Nam Dinh

5. Decision to recognize graduate students number: 4157/QD-SDH, July 15th  2008, Director of the Hanoi National University.

6. Changes in academic process: Non

7. Name of the thesis: Health Benefits of the market economy in Vietnam today

8. Major: Political economy

9. Code: 62 31 01 01

10. Scientific supervisor: 

- Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Duy Dung

- Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Dang Bang

11. Summary of the new findings of the thesis

 New contribution for scientific field of the thesis:

- Analyze and interpret clearer the theory contents   on health benefits and the relationship between health benefits with market economy and international experience about this content.

- Summarize and develop the theoretical framework of medical benefits in the market economy in Vietnam. Basing on this preliminary analysis  the medical welfare situation in Vietnam and provide a foundation for evaluating the achievements, constraints and the problems posed today in this field.

-  Define clearly the role of the State in ensuring the health welfare of the market economy in Vietnam.

- Proposal 6 solutions to complete medical welfare activities to contribute the solutions for the major problems of the health sector in the implementation of the objective to ensure economic growth and social justice in our country. 

12. Practical application:

+ The thesis is an independent research project and it has contributed to further elucidate the theoretical issues of medical welfare in Vietnam (inner concept, content and evaluation criteria...).

+ Create a theoretical   and practical basic to help the relevant authorities solve the current pressing problems in public health  in general, and in health benefit in particular.

+ The thesis will be the references for teaching research in institutes, universities and related institutions of social welfare in general, health and welfare Vietnam.

13. The following research directions:

Continue doing research on social welfare in general, health benefit in particular to ensure social security in market economy with socialist orientation in Vietnam today. From which to draw viable solutions to practical application in the near future and will bring better efficiency for the health and welfare system in Vietnam

14. All works published related to the thesis:

1. Dinh Quoc Thang (2010), Experiences of solving health benefits in Japan and implications for Vietnam, Journal of Northeast Asian Studies, No. 4 (110) 2010.

2. Dinh Quoc Thang, Dao Thi Thu Trang, Nguyen Duy Dung (2014), Social security for migrant workers in ASEAN countries, Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, No. 3 (168) 2014.

3. Dinh Quoc Thang (2014), discussion of medical benefits in Vietnam today, Journal of Medical Practice, No. 3 (907) 2014.

4. Dinh Quoc Thang (2014), welfare policies for health financing in health development in Vietnam today, reasoning Education Journal, No. 220, 2014.

5. Dinh Quoc Thang (2014), development welfare of health workers in Vietnam, Journal of Economics Asia - Pacific, No. 435, 2014.

6. Dinh Quoc Thang (authors) (2013 to 2014), Resolving Social Security of Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines and lessons for Vietnam, the scientific theme, Principal investigator: Dr. Nguyen Duy Dung, managing agency: Institute of Southeast Asian and Viet Nam Academy of Social Sciences.

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