Information on Doctoral thesis of Fellows Dao Thi Thu Trang

1. Full name: Dao Thi Thu Trang

2. Sex: Female

3. Date of birth: 11/05/1980

4. Place of  birth: Hanoi

5. Admission decision number: 1250/QD-DHKT, dated 19/07/2011 by Rector of VNU University of Economics and Business

6. The decision to allocate doctoral thesis number: 327/QD-DHKT, dated 22/02/2012 by Rector of VNU University of Economics and Business with the theme: "Intra-ASEAN labor mobility period from 2000 to present: Situation, impacts and solutions for Vietnam "

7. Changes in academic process: The decision to change the name of the thesis: 3409/QD-E date 31/07/2015 with titled "Vietnam's participation in the Intra-ASEAN labor mobility"

8. Thesis title: Vietnam's participation in the Intra-ASEAN labor mobility

9. Major: Political Economy

9. Code:  62 31 01 01

10. Supervisors:

Associate Prof. Dr. Nguyen Duy Dung

Prof.Dr. Phan Huy Duong

 11. Summary of the new findings of the thesis:

- The thesis systematize of international and intra-regional labor mobility theories.

- Introduce a set of criteria to assess the impact of intra-regional labor migration to the involved countries, the criteria for evaluating the level of participation of Member States in intra-regional labor mobility, and the influencing factors lead to that level.

- Research and evaluation system of policies, institutions and regional cooperation in intra-ASEAN labor mobility.

- Analyzing the situation involved in Vietnam’s participation in intra-ASEAN labor mobility last time, assess the impact of that on the Vietnam economy - society, studying the factors that influence to determine Vietnam’s participation level in the intra-ASEAN labor mobility. From there, make statements on these matters need to be resolved for Vietnam to participate in intra-ASEAN labor mobility.

- Make recommendations and propose policies for Vietnam to join the Intra-ASEAN labor mobility consistent with the context in the future.

12. Practical applicability:

The research results of the thesis can be applied in research aimed at making labor migration policies of Vietnam within ASEAN, especially the policy on protection of rights and social security for workers migrant in the framework of cooperation, and build ASEAN common labor market.

13. Further research directions:

14. Thesis-related publications:

1. Dao Thi Thu Trang, Dinh Quoc Thang, Nguyen Duy Dung (2014), Social security for migrant workers in ASEAN countries, Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, No.3 (168) 2014.

2. Dao Thi Thu Trang (2015), Labor market characteristics in Southeast Asia before the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), Journal of Economics Asia-Pacific, No.456, November 2015.

3. Dao Thi Thu Trang (2015), Vietnam's participation in the Intra-ASEAN labor mobility, Journal of African and Middle East Research, No.11.2015 (119).

4. Dao Thi Thu Trang, Nguyen Ngoc Lan (2016), “Skilled labor mobility in the ASEAN Economic Community”, Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, No.5, 2016.


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