Information on Doctoral thesis of Fellows Bui Quang Tuyen

Thesis’s title: Building and developing Viettel Group’s dynamic capabilities

1. Author: Bui Quang Tuyen

2. Gender: Male

3. Date of birth: 11/08/1971

4. Place of birth: Hai Duong

5. Decision of PhD entrance admission: No. 1134/QD-DHKT issued on 07/06/2012

6. Changes during study process:

- Adjusting thesis title according to Decision No. 1784 issued on 30/05/2014

- Adding another supervisor according to Decision 4521 issued on 24/10/2014

7. Thesis title: “Building and developing Viettel Group’s dynamic capabilities”.

8. Major: Business Administration

9. Code: 62 34 01 02

10. Instructor: 1. Dr. Pham Thi Lien, 2. Dr. Phan Chi Anh

11. Summary of new findings:

Theoretical contributions:

Firstly, the thesis had built a model measuring the effect of dynamic capability factors on enterprise’s business performance in the telecommunication industry.

Secondly, the thesis had supplemented and adjusted the scale for measuring dynamic capability factors, which can support further research.

Thirdly, the thesis also tested the relation between dynamic capability factors and business performance in order to evaluate the importance of each dynamic capability factors.

Fifthly, the thesis also provided scientific evidences for the future researchers to build more comprehensive model, discover new dynamic capability factors in order to increase people knowledge on dynamic capabilities and their relationship with other management aspects.

Practical contributions:

Firstly, the thesis recommended solutions, recommendations based on analyzed results, which can help enterprises increase competitiveness and productivity in the long run.

Secondly, the thesis is one of the first research applied dynamic capability theory in Vietnam in the telecommunication industry. The research results can provide significant implications for other enterprises in the industry.

12. Practical Application (if available):

The research results on dynamic capabilities and their impact on business results may bring useful suggestions for other enterprises in the telecommunication industry to build sustainable competitive advantages from intangible resources of the enterprises. Therefore, the research results of this thesis have practical applications, first of all for Viettel Group so that it helps to identify which elements should be built and strengthen in a dynamic business environment, and how different elements should be focused on to create competitive advantages in different target markets. Secondly, research results are also useful for other companies in the telecommunication industry to identify their own criteria to measure their dynamic capabilities for self-evaluation.

13. Suggestion for further study:

In order to have a panorama view of dynamic capability elements and their impact on business results, further studies may be conducts in the following ways.

Firstly, expand the scope of study in the same industry to have a panorama view and make comparison among groups of enterprises.

Secondly, include other elements of dynamic capabilities in the research model such as technological capability, market orientation, research and development capability so that the model will be able to explain more the reality of the industry.

14. Published papers related to the thesis:

1. Pham Thi Lien & Bui Quang Tuyen (2017), ‘Impact of organizational learning factor on business results: Case study at VT Corporation”, Journal of Economics and Development, ISSN: 1859-0012, 235(2), 96 – 104.

2. Dao Trung Kien, Nguyen Thi Thanh Hai, Tommi Tapanainen & Bui Quang Tuyen (2016), Dynamic Capability Link with Firm Performance: Evidence from a Vietnamese IT Company, 22nd America Conference on Information Systems, San Diego (US)/2016.

3. Bui Quang Tuyen (2015), “Identifying the dynamic capabilities of Viettel Group”, Journal of Economics and Business, ISSN: 0866-8612, 31(1), 11 – 21.

4. Vu Tri Dung & Bui Quang Tuyen (2014), “Dynamic capabilities of Vietnamese Enterprises”, The 12th IFEAMA International Conference Proceeding, ISBN: 978-604-927-820-4, 3/2014, Hanoi.

5. Bui Quang Tuyen (2012), “Adding value for customers – Strategic approach in service industry”, Journal of Banking and Monetary Market, ISSN:1859 – 2805, 3+4, 56 – 58.

6. Bui Quang Tuyen (2010), “Building non-price competitive advantage on the basis of corporate culture”, Journal of Economics and Development, ISSN: 1859 – 0012, 161(2), 68 – 71.

7. Bui Quang Tuyen (2010), “Active changing ability – The important management method in non-price competitiveness in the Information Technology and Telecommunication of Vietnam”, Journal of Economics and Development, ISSN: 1859 – 0012, 157(2), 63 – 65.


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