Information and summary of doctoral thesis of fellow Le Thi Viet Ha

Thesis topic: “South Korean Entrepreneur Culture and Experience for Vietnam”

1. Author: Le, Thi Viet Ha

2. Sex: Female

3. Date of birth: Feb 14th, 1985

4. Place of birth: Hanoi City

5. Decision on the approval of Ph.D Candidate No.: 2439/QĐ-SĐH dated October 25th 2012

6. Changes in the training process: None

7. Thesis Topic: “South Korean Entrepreneur Culture and Experience for Vietnam”

8. Major: Business Administration

9. Code: 62 34 01 02

10. Supervisors: 1. Dr. Vu Tien Loc; 2. Dr. Dinh Viet Hoa

11. Summary of new contributions of the thesis:

In terms of theory: (i) This is the first research in Vietnam and South Korea that codified, detected, added new awareness of the South Korean entrepreneur community and entrepreneur culture; (ii) built an overall model for the value system of South Korean entrepreneur culture which consisting of five elements: Moral – Intelligence - Physique - Benefit – Bravery; (iii) analized, evaluated situation, experience from South Korea in management, applying entrepreneur culture to develop entrepreneur community’s strength and also in economy, society.

In terms of practice: (i) To suggest solutions for developing on entrepreneur culture that based on practical lessons from South Korean through Vietnamese perspective and harmonic with Vietnam culture and economy situation; (ii) To contribute mediately to widen friendship relation, economic cooperation, cultural exchanges between South Korea and Vietnam on the basis of cultural understanding of each side's business culture and entrepreneur culture.

12. Applicability in practice (if applicable): This is an useful document for people who are interested in South Korean and Vietnamese business culture. The Vietnamese and South Korean Government as well as other Organizations may refer all presented recommendations from this research to design business policy that is consistent with their counterparts.

13. Further research directions:

- Comparison of South Korean entrepreneurs culture, business culture with other countries

- The spirit of South Korean Start-up

- South Korean Leadership

- Feminist role in South Korean business

14. List of published research projects that related to the thesis:

1. Le, Thi Viet Ha and Bui, Bao Hung (2012), "The patriarchal" in South Korean companies”, Vietnam Review of Northeast Asia Studies, No. 5 (135) in May, Hanoi.

2. Le, Thi Viet Ha (2014), “The feminist role in South Korean economy today”, Vietnam Review of Northeast Asia Studies, No.8(162) in Aug, Hanoi.

3. Le, Thi Viet Ha (2015), "The influence of three generations in outstanding business families: Lee, Chung, Koo to South Korean society", Vietnam Review of Northeast Asia Studies, No. 2(168) in Feb, Hanoi.

4. Le, Thi Viet Ha (22/4/2015), “The Corporate Social Responsibility activities from South Korean enterprises in Vietnam”, Proceedings of the National Workshop on "Building corporate culture following the spirit of the 9th Party Central Committee (Session XI)" organized by Ministry of Industry and Trade, in Apr, Institute of Business Culture Published, Hanoi.

5. Le, Thi Viet Ha (2015), “The impact of business families on the development of South Korea today”, Scientific Journal of Saigon University, No. 8 (33) in Oct, Hochiminh City.

6. Le, Thi Viet Ha (2016), “The third generation in South Korean business families: Several negative issues today”, Vietnam Review of Northeast Asia Studies, No.1(179) in Jan, Hanoi.

7. Le, Thi Viet Ha (2016), “The Corporate Social Responsibility of South Korean business leaders in the economic situation in year of 2015”, Vietnam Review of Northeast Asia Studies, No.7 (185) in Jul, Hanoi.

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