Information on Doctoral thesis of Fellows Quach Thi Ha

Thesis title: Marine economy expansion in Haiphong

1. Fellow: Quách Thị Hà

2. Gender: Female

3. Date of birth: 24 October 1980

4. Place of birth: Hải Phòng

5. Research student decision acknowledgement number: 2626/QĐ – ĐT, 31 July 2013 of PRESIDENT OF VIETNAM NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, HANOI

6. Training alteration procedure: none

7. Thesis theme: Marine economy expansion in Haiphong

8. Speciality: political economy

9. Number code: 62 31 01 01

10. Scientific staff:

- Associate Professor: Trần Đức Hiệp

- Doctor: Lê Thị Hồng Điệp

11. Thesis result summary:

- The thesis systematized further clarification of development theoretical issues of marine economy.

- Summed up the lessons of local experience in the development of marine economy.

- Analyzed and evaluated the development of marine economy in Haiphong: discovered the limitations and limited reasons, simultaneously pointing out the problems being faced by the marine economic development in HP.

- Proposed some solutions to the marine economic development in the future in HP.

12. The applicability in practice:

- The thesis clarified the rationale and practice of marine economic development in HP: assessed of the marine economic development in recent years, proposed standpoint, and released solutions to expand marine economy in Haiphong.

- The result of the thesis research can be references for those who are interested: especially economists, constructors, planners to perform development marine economy projects, programs, policies and plans in HP.

13. Published works relate to thesis:

1. Quach Thi Ha (2013): “Eliminate difficulties for shipping enterprises in Vietnam” Economic and Forecasts Journals published on May, 2013

2. Quach Thi Ha (2016): “Developing seaport experience services in the world” Economic and Business Journal published on March, 2016

3. Quach Thi Ha (2016): “Marine economy expansion in Haiphong” Economic and Forecasts Journals published on May, 2013

4. Quach Thi Ha (2017): Mobilizinv the capital for the development of the marine economy in HP: the reality and some orientations, Asia - Pacific Economy Journal, the private sector- July 2017, page 26-28


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