Information on Doctoral thesis of Fellows Dang Thi Hoai

Name of the thesis: State budget investment for agriculture in Thai Binh province

1. Full name: Dang Thi Hoai

2. Gender: Female

3. Date of birth: May 20, 1980

4. Place of birth: Thai Binh

5. Decision on recognition of doctoral students: 305 / QĐ-ĐHKT dated 25/02/2014 by Rector of University of Economics, VNU.

6. Changes in the training process: Lengthening the training program in accordance with Decision No. 4239 / QĐ-ĐHKT dated 30/12/2016 of Rector of University of Economics, VNU.

7. Thesis title: State budget investment for agriculture in Thai Binh province

8. Major: Political economy

9. Code: 62 31 01 01

10. Instructor: Associated Professor. Pham Thi Hong Diep

11. Summary of new findings of the thesis

  • In terms of theory

The thesis adds and refines some of the theoretical aspects of State budget investment for agriculture in particular: the development of a theoretical framework for analyzing investment contents, the influences and the criteria for evaluating the results of State budget investment for agriculture

The dissertation analyzes State investment experience in agriculture of some countries and localities and draws lessons from this experience. In which, the most important lessons are: identifying the appropriate areas to invest; and the allocation of investment capital from State budget for agriculture to increase productivity and stimulate investment from other sources.

  • In terms of practice

- The thesis has analyzed the agricultural State budget investment in Thai Binh province for the period of 2006 - 2015, confirming some results that Thai Binh has achieved as well as its limitations and causes.

- The dissertation proposes solutions for investment implementation from the state budget for agriculture in the locality in order to improve investment efficiency from the state budget and agricultural development objectives of Thai Binh province.

12. Applicability to reality:

- The thesis can be used as a reference for investment from state budget for agriculture of localities

- The thesis results can be used for Thai Binh province in determining the structure of state budget investment for agricultural development according to the investment content. According to the proposal of the dissertation, the content of the investment should focus on what stage, while the thesis also shows how to invest state budget and manage this investment by content. Proposed solutions could help improve the efficiency of State budget investment in agriculture in the coming time.

13. Further research directions:

In the future, the author intends to study in several directions as follows:

Researching on the development of agriculture; Studying the impact of different funding sources on the agricultural sector; Other research directions related to the development of agriculture in new contexts (climate change, high technology agriculture, clean agriculture ...)

14. Publications related to thesis:

  1. Dang Thi Hoai (2016), "Some Theoretical Issues on State-Owned Investment in Agriculture", Journal of Asian Economic Affairs, 484, December 2016.
  2. Dang Thi Hoai (2017), "Investment in agricultural development in some countries and experience for Vietnam", Journal of State Administration, No. 253, February 2017
  3. Dang Thi Hoai, Pham Thi Hong Diep, (2017), "Public Investment for Agriculture: Theoretical Background and International Experience," Proceedings of the National Workshop, 2017


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