Information on Doctoral thesis of Fellows Dinh Van Toi

Topic: Impacts of human resource management on performance of Vietnamese enterprises.

1. Name: Dinh Van Toi

2. Gender: Male

3. Date of birth: 19 May 1977

4. Place of birth: Nghe An

5. Decision on recognition of doctoral students: No. 4741/QĐ-ĐHKT dated November 10, 2014 of University of Economic and Business, Vietnam National University

6. Changes in training progress: None

7. Topic: Impacts of human resource management on performance of Vietnamese enterprises

8. Major: Business Administration

9. Code: 62 34 01 02

10. Supervisor: Dr. Do Xuan Truong and Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nham Phong Tuan

11. Findings and recommendations:

First, not all human resource management practices have a significant impact on all performance criteria, but the impact of practices is noteworthy. Details:

- “Skills Development Training” practice impact on 4/5 criteria of enterprises’ performance (ROA financial results and pre-tax profit, customer satisfaction and innovation);

- “Screening Recruitment” practice plays an important role in 02 financial criteria including ROA and pre-tax profit of enterprises;

- “Performance Payment” practice impacts on 02 criteria is the Customer Satisfaction and ROA;

- “Achievement Management” practice has an impact on Employee Satisfaction;

- “Career development support” practice to improve employee satisfaction;

- And finally, “Information Sharing” and “Authorization, Empowerment” are factors that impact on Innovation of individuals and organizations.

- Second, human resource management practices are impacted by enterprises’ characteristics. Details:

- There are five (05) enterprises’ characteristics (Number of listed years, Size of employees, Charter capital, Age of CEO and level of CEO) affect 5 of 7 performance’s criteria (Screening Recruitment; Skills Development Training; Achievement Management; Career Development Support; Authorization, Empowerment).

- Two (02) enterprises’ characteristics that impact insignificant on enterprises’ performance are Performance payment and Information Sharing.

12. Practical application:

Identify the impact of each HRM practice on each performance of Vietnamese enterprises; Explain some of the enterprise characteristics in the application of HRM practice; Provides some recommendations for Vietnamese enterprises in the application of HRM practices.

13. Further research directions:

The next study should expand the sample size to generalize for a broaden research and may be enough samples to further analyze for each industry.

The next study should apply the linear modeling (SEM) analysis method to the overall model to gain many advantages of this analytical method. At the same time, the model needs to be further developed in order to detect new variables or new relationships such as whether there is an intermediate variable or a correlation between the relationship between the HRM practices and the performances.

The next study should try to explain the mechanism of impact / effect between the variables. In addition to answering the question of what impact and magnitude of impact, the next study will answer the “how” question.

14. Publications related to thesis:

  • Dinh Van Toi (2017), "The Impact of Human Resource Management Practices on the Performance of Vietnamese Enterprises", Asia-Pacific Economic Journal, ISSN 0868-3808, No. 490. - March 2017, pp. 51-56.
  • Dinh Van Toi (2016), "Building the optimal human resource management in Vietnamese enterprises", Journal of Industry and Trade, ISSN 0866-7756, 4- 4/2016, pp. 45-50. .
  • Dinh Van Toi (2014), "Some Impacts from ASEAN Integration on the Vietnamese Labor Market", Journal of Information and Forecasting, ISSN 0866-7120, No. 18, September 2014, p. 47 - 50.
  • Dinh Van Toi (2012), "Nghe An Human Resource Development: Situations and Solutions", Journal of Information and Development, ISSN 1859- 2678, No. 07/2012, 25 July 2012, p. 20 - 23 and 62 - 63.


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