The training course on “Internet Marketing and sales in education”

In order to professionalize and promote the enrollment process, University of Economics and Business - Vietnam National University in collaboration with PA Marketing Company will organize the training course "Internet Marketing and Sales in Education".

The course is designed differently from other training courses on the market today:

• Special design for education.

• Students not only learn the theory but also practice computer proficiency (with instructor direct instruction).

• Lecturer: Mr Nguyen Phan Anh - expert in digital marketing in Vietnam.

• Sharing the experiences of successful enrollment of UEB - VNU

• Certificate issued by University of Economics and Business - VNU (VNU is the No. 1 university in Vietnam, the top 200 universities in Asia by the rank of QS Educational Consultants)

Some details are as follows:

1. Time and place:

• Duration: 3 days (6 sessions / course)

• Time: Students register for one of the following courses:

+ Course 1: from 22 to 24, August 2018

+ Course 2: from 27 to 29, September 2018

• Location: Room 801, E4 Building, University of Economics and Business - VNU, 144 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay, Hanoi.

2. Instructors:

Mr. Nguyen Phan Anh - famous experts on digital marketing, sales and start-up (see CV here)

3. Tuition fees:

• Tuition fee for course 1, course 2: VND 2,400,000 / trainee (including tuition, documents, certificates).

4. Main contents:

• The best strategic use of Internet Sales tools for the education in Vietnam

• The model of Internet Sales tool in the enrollment

• Practice Facebook Marketing

• Practice Google Ad-words

• 16-step sales formula applied in advertising and consulting

5. Registration:

• Registration deadline:

+ Course 1: 21/8/2018 (now only 11 indicators).

+ Course 2: On September 21st, 1818, students will be given priority. Program organizers will not receive additional registration documents if the class has a maximum of 35 students.

• Register or contact:

Nguyen Ngoc Quynh Anh - coordinator;
Phone: 024.3754.7506 (ext 522) or 0163.604.1061


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