EDESUS Conference 2019

The University of Economics and Business (UEB), Vietnam National University, Hanoi organizes yearly international conferences on Economics, Development and Sustainability (EDESUS Conference). The theme of the EDESUS Conference 2019 deals with global changes and sustainable development in Vietnam and other emerging economies Asian-wide. This covers also wider topics such as economics and business, development and sustainability, resources and global changes.

The transformation of global economy is driven by the rise of emerging economies, which cover a large area of the earth surface, and provide habitat of most of the world population. Emerging economies are key locations for future growth for many multinationals. Rapid economic growth of emerging economies contributes significantly to environmental pollution and climate change, which challenges the sustainability of countries, especially in Asia. Significant aspects of economics, development and sustainability in the context of global changes in Asian emerging economies attract the attention of scholars internationally.
The EDESUS Proceedings 2019 will be published by Springer. It collect original conference papers on general considerations about global changes and sustainable development both in Vietnam and Asian countries. The proceedings provide an opportunity for readers to engage with a selection of refereed papers that were presented during the EDESUS Conference 2019.

Registration fees

The registration fee covers access to all plenary and workshop sessions, the lunches and coffee breaks specified in the conference program, conference materials on 16th November 2019.

- Fee for published paper: 120 USD/2,500,000 VND per accepted paper.
- Fee for conference participation: 45 USD/1,000,000 VND per participant.

Registrations fees may be refunded (with a 50% processing charge) in case of cancellations until 30 days before the event.  After that, no refunds are possible.

Abstract submission and Deadlines

- 15 April 2019:

 Call for papers

- 30 June 2019:

 Deadline for abstract submission

- 15 September 2019:

 Deadline for full paper submission.

- 15 September - 10 October 2019:

 Paper review

- 10 October 2019:

 Decision from Editors to accept papers

- 15 October 2019:

 Submit proceeding manuscript to Springer

Please follow the paper guidelines and send the paper to edesus_conference@ueb.edu.vn. If you wish to be a presenter at the EDESUS 2019 register now.

Conference topics

Section 1. Economics and Business

- Economic theories

- Developing process

- National and international income distribution

- Productivity developments

- Macroeconomic policies

- Sectors of economy: agricultural sector, industrial sector and service sector

Section 2. Development and Sustainability

-  Development policy, theory and analysis
-  Policies and laws relating to sustainability
-  Sustainable growth and green growth
-  Challenges relating to sustainability
-  Socio-economic, scientific and integrated approaches to sustainable development
-  Quantifying sustainability
-  Sustainability tools
-  Applications of sustainability
-  Sustainability education
-  Sustainable tourism

Section 3. Resources and global changes

-  Natural resources

-  Human resources

-  Culture and heritages

-  Land and property market

-  Social changes

-  Globalization

-  Urbanization

-  Pollutions and environmental conflicts

-  Natural hazards and climate change

-  Non-traditional security issues

-  Area studies

-  Remote sensing, GIS and spatial planning

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