Invitation letter - YSI Asia Convening

On behalf of University of Economics and Business - Vietnam National University, Ha Noi, I am honored to invite you to visit our university to attend the YSI Asia Convening 2019 from 12 August 2019 to 14 August 2019.

The conference is convened by VNU University of Economics and Business and the Institute for New Economic Thinking. Hundreds of young scholars from all over Asia are coming together in Hanoi to discuss new economic thinking, present their research, and work with over 30 senior scholars. The YSI Regional Convenings provide a platform for young thinkers across the YSI Working Groups to meet, share ideas, and inspire each other. Previous regional convenings took place in Trento (Europe), Buenos Aires (Latin America), Harare (Africa) and Los Angeles (North America). The Asia Convening is the fifth in the series!

We deeply appreciate your willingness to attend the conference as a participant. For more details regarding the conference, please review the program, which includes all of the details of professional discussion and events that are planned for these three days.

Thank you again for your willingness to participate. We are truly honored to have you with us for our program.

VNU University of Economics and Business

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