Opening Admission for Teaching Innovation Course

Vietnam National University, Hanoi in collaboration with Creative Academy, Dublin University, Ireland held the fourth course of the Program "Capacity building for VNU staff and lecturers under the approach of innovative thinking and entrepreneurship (thinking towards efficiency) to enhance skills in the 21st century and foster entrepreneurship and innovation in students”.

 The program is now opened for admission with the following criteria:

A. Eligibility:

- Staff and lecturers of Vietnam National University, Hanoi (in all fields are recommended)

- People under the age of 45 (at the time of registration)

- Staff with competent English language proficiency are preferred

B. Deadline: 15/10/2019

C. Application submission: an application package can be submitted via email at

VNU University of Economics and Business

FullName Email
Address Security code IHBJDP

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