NCU's graduate scholarship for UEB's students

VNU University of Economics and Business is delighted to announce the opening of scholarship for graduate students at National Central University, Taiwan.

Time: 16:00-17:00, October 15, 2019

Location: Room 406, E4 Building, VNU University of Economics and Business

Participated NCU Colleges: Management, including Business Administration, Finance, Economics, Human Resource Management, and Industrial Management

NCU Scholarship with Tuition Fee Waiver

Master’s students: Up to NT$25,000 per month (VND18,600,000)

Doctoral students: Up to NT$40,000 per month (VND29,800,000)

Tuition and Fees for NCU Graduate Students (1US$≒30NT$)


Estimated Tuition

Tuition Fee


(US$740-US$888) per semester

Credit Fee

NT$ 3140 (US$ 105) per credit

Miscellaneous Fees

NT$ 1800 (US$60) per year

Insurance Fee

NT$10,494 (US$ 350) per year

Textbooks and Course Materials

NT$3,000- NT$8,100 (US$100- US$270) per year

On-Campus NCU Student Dormitory (shared room)

NT$ 15,660-NT$31,920 (US$ 522- US$1,064) per year

*varies with dormitory

Off-Campus Housing

NT$36,000- NT$97,200 (US$1,200-US$3,240) per year

*US$100-US$270 per month; varies with size, type, location…etc

Cost of Living

*varies with person

NT$108,000- NT$144,000 (US$360-US$4800) per year

*NT$9,000- NT$12,000 (US$300-US$400) per month

Things to prepare for the interview

1. Interview Form (we will e-mail this to those who signed up)

2. Curriculum Vitae (CV) in English

3. Transcript in English

4. English ability proof

Sign-up Website for the interview:

Contact: Ms. Novia Chen


FullName Email
Address Security code EZTBRM

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