Announcement of changing name and logo from CEPR to VEPR

After more than one year of establishment, the Centre for Economic and Policy Research has successfully positioned its brandname of CEPR as an independent economic research institution with modern and effective approach in economic and policy research. Beside affirming the voice in economic and policy discussions in Vietnam, CEPR has been actively widen the international cooperation activities with international research institutions and sponsors.

To avoid being confused with some research institutions and network in the same field which have the same abbreviation, e.g. in the UK ( and in the United States (, since November 1st 2009, the Centre for Economic and Policy Research will officially change the name and logo to VEPR, which stands for Vietnam Centre for Economic and Policy Research. The old domain and email addresses of CEPR will be changed accordingly to Since November 1st 2009, all correspondences with the domain of will be automatically forwarded to the address of

The Centre for Economic and Policy Research respecfully announces to all colleagues and friends. We hope to continue receiving your supports to keep developing strongly in the future.


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