The words of Editorial Board of Journal of Economics and Business

Dear audiences and collaborators of Journal of Economics and Business, Journal of Science, Vietnam National University, Hanoi!

First of all, on behalf of Editorial Board of Journal of Economics and Business - Journal of Science, Vietnam National University, Hanoi, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to editorial board of Journal of Science - VNU; members of Editorial Board of Journal of Economics and Business - UEB, lecturers, scientists, and researchers who have been spending a lot of effort and encouraging spirit for Editorial Board of Economics and Business. We are also grateful to authors for their enthusiastic collaboration and dedication to the journal during the last one year operating; in particular, we must refer to dedicating authors, such as Assoc.Prof.Dr. Phung Xuan Nha, Dr. Le Thi Ai Lam, Dr. Dinh Viet Hoa, Dr. Nguyen Duc Thanh,  Dr. Ha Van Hoi, Dr. Bui The Dung, Mr. Trinh Bui... On this occasion, we would also like to show appreciation to the Journal readers, who have contributed ideas to Editorial Board for the completion, answering the requirements of an academic forum, where announces Vietnamese and international authors’ studies to serve for the teaching, learning and researching in the fields of economics and business administration.

The Journal of Economics and Business which is under Journal of Science - VNU was separated from the Journal of Economics - Law since the Decision 4462/QD-TCCB by President of VNU on 8th August, 2008. This is a new progress which confirmed the position and the role, improving the quality of Journal of Science in general and Journal of Economics and Business in particular. Over a year of operation, the journal has  gained several achievements, such as it published 05 journals in 2009, including 04 journals in Vietnamese and 01 in English language; standardizing the regulation articles submitting, developing defending criteria in accordance with international scientific journals, building a network of collaborators with high-level expertise and regular participation. In order to obtain those results, besides the guidance and encouragement of VNU leaders, especially Management Board of University of Economics and Business, there are also positive collaboration, the enthusiasm of the authors in Vietnam and from abroad, as well as responsive performance of the Journal Editorial Board.

In 2010, Journal of Economics and Business continues to public the articles with academic priority, emphasizing the expertise of the works, the data reliability, the practicability and the newness of the discussed issues to recognize the journal as a prestigious scientific publication, as well as to be quoted and referenced by many researchers, managers. The journal will emphasize basic issues, including: i) The 11th National Congress of the Communist Party; ii) the world’s economic situation in the recovery period; iii) Vietnam's economy in the period of new development; iv) global issues such as environment, climate change and sustainable development... On the basis of collecting articles in particular theme, we will organize seminars and workshops of each theme to serve the faculty, students, especially enterprises to understand more profoundly about economic issues and business.

In order to develop Journal of Economics and Business to a trust worthy site, a companion of business, policy makers, researchers, students and other objectives; we expect to receive more interest, assistance, support and close collaboration of VNU and UEB leaders, departments, centers, and distinguished teachers, scientists in the coming time. Contribution in knowledge, experience and new scientific findings from lectures, scientists, and researchers will improve the quality and reputation of the Journal as well as of University of Economics and Business, VNU.

On the occasion of New Year, on behalf of the Editorial Board of Journal of Economics and Business, I would like to send my deepest wish of good health and success to the readers and collaborators!!!

Editor in Chief Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hong Son

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