Information on doctoral thesis of Nguyen Viet Loc

Title: Vietnamese entrepreneur cultural on the process of International Integration. Major: Business Administration

1. Full name: Nguyen Viet Loc        2. Sex: Male

3. Date of birth: 26-09-1972            4. Place of birth: Ha Tinh

5. Admission decision number: 1893/QĐ-SĐH, Dated 24/6/2010 by President of Vietnam National University, Hanoi.

6. Changes in academic process: None

7. Official thesis title: Vietnamese entrepreneur cultural on the process of International Integration.

8. Major: Business Administration

9. Code: 62 34 05 01

10. Supervisors:

             1) Assoc.Prof. Dr. Phung Xuan Nha

             2)  Assoc.Prof. Dr. Do Minh Cuong

11. Summary of the new findings of the thesis:

- The dissertation gave a new way to identify entrepreneur & Vietnamese entrepreneur culture on the inheritance base of previous studies and updating actual entrepreneur development, the entrepreneur culture in Vietnam and in the world.

- The dissertation developed the system of Vietnamese entrepreneur cultural values by culture values scale. This scale includes nine professional orientating factors; specific characteristics and expression of each factor is analyzed in the Vietnam competing business environment; each factor is measured, manifested by web diagram in order to find the advantages & disadvantages in the international integration context.

12. Practical applicability, if any:

- The standard cultural norms, values of Vietnamese entrepreneur culture, measuring and manifesting methods can be considered as a pattern, theoretical method used for study and entrepreneur training, entrepreneur culture. This can also be used as a base to build up criteria to identify, evaluate the potential of entrepreneur and to honor entrepreneur...

- The dissertation points out four orienting opinions and seven solutions to build and develop Vietnamese entrepreneur culture in order to meet the challanges imposed by international integration.

13. Further research directions, if any:

 Business culture, Corporate culture, Leadership culture.

14. Thesis-related publications:

1) Nguyen Viet Loc (2011),"Psychological & social factors affecting to culture of Vietnamese entrepreneurs", Journal of Economics & Development, (6), page: 26-29.

2) Nguyen Viet Loc (2011),"Entrepreneur Culture on the process of international integration in Vietnam: Theory, fact and some initial conclusions", Economic Management Review, (44), page: 56-60.

3) Nguyen Viet Loc (2011), "Typical Characteristics of Vietnam Entrepreneur Culture", State Management Magazine, (186), page: 77-80.

4) Nguyen Viet Loc (2011), "Vietnamese Entrepreneur; Business Ethic & Social responsibility", Labour & Social Magazine, (418), page: 25-27.

5) Nguyen Viet Loc (2011), "Vietnamese Entrepreneur with innovation process and economic regime perfecting", Magazine off Education argue, (8/173), page: 37-39.

6) Nguyen Viet Loc (2011), "Entrepreneurship - The grounds to develop culture values of Vietnamese entrepreneurs", VNU Journal of Science, Economic & Business, volume 27, (4), page 232-239.

7) Nguyen Viet Loc (2011), "Espoused values of Vietnamese entrepreneurs on the context of innovation & integration", Industry Magazine, (52), page: 22-23.

8) Nguyen Viet Loc (2011), "Discussion on concepts of Vietnamese entrepreneurs", Magazine of Political Science, (5), page: 46-53.

9) Nguyen Viet Loc (2011), "Making-up factors for the culture of Vietnamese Entrepreneurs", Manazine of Southeast Asia Studies, (7/136), page 65-68.

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