Institute of Skills Education and Creative Intelligence


Institute of Skills Education and Creative Intelligence (ISECI) of VNU University of Economics and Business was established under the Decision No. 2116/QD-DHKT signed by Rector of the UEB.
The Institute of Skills Education and Creative Intelligence is a self-funded unit that maintains regular expenditures and investments, having its own stamp and being allowed to open accounts at banks or state treasury as required.
The Institute is under the direct management of VNU University of Economics and Business, operating in compliance with the policies and laws of the State, the regulations of the UEB. The Institute is entitled to carry out its tasks under the autonomy and self-responsibility mechanism according to the provisions of law and the Regulation on Organization and Operation of the Institute.


Deputy Director in charge:

Dr. Do Anh Duc



1. Functions

a) Studying the interdisciplinary approach (focus on economics), studying the application in skill education and Creative Intelligence for pupils, students, organizations and individuals.
b) Providing training services and career orientation in skills education and creative intelligence for students to meet the demand of human resources in domestic and international labor markets.
c) Providing short-term training services in the fields of economics, management and business administration to organizations and individuals in need.
d) Consulting and developing educational, economic and social projects for organizations and individuals in need.
e) Cooperate with members of Vietnam National University, Hanoi in conducting research and providing interdisciplinary services within the functions and tasks of the Institute.

2. Tasks
1. Research activities:
a) Interdisciplinary study (focus on economics): combining behavioral and psychological economics research; combining psychology and economics to improve skills, knowledge, and critical thinking following interdisciplinary approach;
b) Studying science and technology in education, psychology and sociology to identify problems, and solutions for educational development and critical thinking for pupils and students; applying and building models for human resource development.
c) Conducting research, developing and transferring training programs for pupils, students and community, including: life skills, working skills, thinking skills ... for practical application, training the students to become global citizens.
d) Deploying research in economics, business and education, training students to take part in operation of enterprises and community, helping students join research in economics, social and interdisciplinary science.
e) Organizing conferences, seminars and workshops, assisting UEB’s Rector in submitting plans of organizing conferences/seminars/workshop involving foreigners to Vietnam National University, Hanoi as regulated.

2. Training activities:
a) Providing training and educational services for students in the fields of creative intelligence integration, global citizenship, English etc.
b) Providing training services in economics, management, business administration and interdisciplinary with focus on economic issues.
c) Developing plans, contents and curriculum for teaching. Undertaking admission as planned.
3. Consultancy and services
a) Providing consultancy in economics, management, business administration and interdisciplinary fields in order to improve the capacity of organizations and businesses.
b) Providing overseas education consultancy and services.
c) Providing services for organizing national and international conferences following regulations of the Government, Vietnam National University, Hanoi and VNU-UEB.
d) Undertaking and transferring highly applicable research as well as dissemination of experience and consultancy to organizations and individuals in need.
e) Guiding and supporting lecturers and units of the UEB in bidding for domestic and international projects.
4. Perform other tasks
a) Developing and submitting for approval the development strategy and plan of the Institute

b) Looking for partners, developing international cooperation programs in economics, management, business administration and interdisciplinary fields to promote the strengths of the university.
c) Developing international research projects and seeking for resources to implement international research projects.
d) Expanding cooperation opportunities and exchange of lecturers to enhance teaching capacity of the faculty members.
e) Taking part in bidding for research projects with local administrations at all levels or ministries and branches after reporting to the Rector.
e) Coordinating with other units of the University to carry out the common tasks of the University.
f) Carrying out the reports on performances of personnel of the Institute every six months or upon request;
g) Implementing the annual financial reports as regulated;
h) Managing efficiently human resources and assets assigned;
i) Implementing other tasks as assigned by the Rector.

Institute of Skills Education and Creative Intelligence, VNU University of Economics and Business
2nd floor, G4 Building, 144 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam

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