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The Center for Economic Development Studies (CEDS) is a part of the VNU University of Economics and Business.

CEDS is set to pursue four major areas: research, consultancy, training and service. The center is operated based on a flexible model using a network of high-qualified professors, experts, researchers and social innovators in Vietnam and abroad.

In terms of research area, CEDS focuses on three main interdisciplinary fields: (i) education and education finance, (ii) social enterprise and social impacts, and (iii) environmental economics.

CEDS has established close relationships with ministries, enterprises, individuals in the country as well as international research and training institutions in order to organize and implement programs at national, regional and international level



Dr. Pham Vu Thang

ĐT: (84-24) 3754.7506 + 811



The Center for Economic Development Studies is under the VNU University of Economics and Business. CEDS is an autonomous and self-funded organization that has legal entity, stamp, and own account.

1. Functions:

  • Basic research, applied research on economic, development and related fields; deploy, apply research results into practice serving training activities, scientific research of UEB.
  • Supporting and consulting on economic, development and related fields for domestic and foreign organizations and individuals.
  • Organizing the implementation of cooperation programs and projects with domestic and foreign organizations in accordance with the functions and tasks of the Center.
  • Participating in undergraduate and postgraduate training activities in the field of economic development according to the tasks assigned by the Rector of UEB.
  • Organizing short-term training courses in economics, development and related fields for organizations and individuals in need

2. Responsibilities:

2.1 Research and consult on economics and development:

  • Organizing the implementation of programs, topics, and scientific research projects on economics, development and related fields.
  • Consulting in the field of economics, development and related fields in order to improve the capacity of domestic and foreign organizations and individuals.
  • Developing projects, seek resources to implement or cooperate in international research projects.
  • Proposing and bidding research projects with local administrations at all levels or ministries and branches.
  • Participating in bidding for research projects at State level, ministerial level and VNU level, VNU's strategic research programs.
  • Organizing domestic conferences and seminars; proposing the Rector of UEB to report to VNU for approval of plans for organizing conferences, seminars with foreign elements and organizing the implementation in accordance with regulations.

2.2 Implement training activities:

  • Participating in undergraduate and postgraduate training activities as assigned by the Rector of UEB.
  • Organizing short-term training and retraining programs in economics, development and related fields for agencies, organizations and individuals in need.
  • Implementing programs for supporting young talents, scholarships for training and skill training to develop the young scientific community on economic and development research issues.

2.3. Perform other duties:

  • Developing the Center's development strategies and plans; and submitting to the Rector for approval in accordance with the University's development orientation.
  • Coordinating with relevant units in the University to perform tasks of the University.
  • Reporting operational and personnel situation of the Center every 6 months or upon request.
  • Conducting annual financial report for the University.
  • Effectively managing the use of assigned human resources and assets.


1. Research: CEDS has implemented many research programs and projects with profound impacts on development economics and related fields such as methods of assessing damage to natural resources and ecosystems of the ocean due to oil spill; economic growth and social justice in Vietnam; entrepreneurial personality and business culture in Vietnam...

2. Training: Understanding the needs and being aware of its capacity, CEDS has organized many training courses to foster integration, leadership and management skills for middle and senior managers of ministries / sectors and businesses. In addition, CEDS has also organized short-term training courses to meet the training needs of organizations and individuals.

3. Interest-free loan project: CEDS is the US-sponsored Thrive Program coordinator. This project offers interest-free loans for small and medium-sized enterprises in Vietnam to invest in modern machinery, technology, advanced production lines for the purpose of business development and labor recruitment. Within two years, businesses will have to repay their debts in the form of free products or services to the poor.

4. Conferences and seminars: CEDS cooperates with ministries, departments and international organizations to organize many conferences, seminars and academic exchange programs related to international economic integration and sustainable development such as the International Conference on Climate Change, the seminar on anti-dumping issue of Vietnamese products in the United States, the International Conference on Vietnam's environmental issues ...

5. Consulting services: Applying scientific and technological research results into practice through consultancy and service activities is the strength of CEDS. With a large team of experts who have experience in many fields and a big network with organizations and businesses, CEDS is capable of carrying out high quality consulting and service activities, meeting the needs of ministries, sectors, localities, organizations, businesses and individuals.


Center for Economic Development Studies, VNU University of Economics and Business

Address: Level 8, C1T Building (VNU library), 144 XuanThuy Rd., CauGiay Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: (84-24) 3754.7506  etx.811




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