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The Center for Economic Development Studies (CEDS) is a part of the VNU University of Economics and Business.

CEDS is set to pursue four major areas: research, consultancy, short-term training and philanthropic programs. The center is operated based on a flexible model using a network of high-qualified professors, experts, researchers and social innovators in Vietnam and abroad.

In terms of research area, CEDS focuses on three main interdisciplinary fields: (i) education and education finance, (ii) social enterprise and social impacts, and (iii) environmental economics.



Dr. Pham Vu Thang

ĐT: (84-24) 3754.7506 + 811



CEDS has functions and responsibilities regulated in Decision 1736/QD-ĐKHT on the center’s operation and responsibilities. Main functions and responsibilities are as follows:

1. Functions:

The Center for Economic Development Studies is under the VNU University of Economics and Business. CEDS is an autonomous and self-funded organization that has legal entity, stamp, and VND and foreign currency account.

2. Responsibilities:

- Consulting on development related issues for clients in Vietnam and abroad.

- Implementing cooperative projects with other institutes and organizations.

- Participating in the graduate and postgraduate training on various areas of development.

- Organizing seminars and conferences related to development field.

- Organizing student exchange between Vietnamese and international students.

- Conducting short-term training courses.


1. Research and consulting services: 

- CEDS has positioned itself to focus on applied research and consultancies. CEDS has implemented a number of research projects such as Methods to evaluate the damage of natural resources and marine ecosystems as resulting from oil spills; Economic growth and social equity in Vietnam; Entrepreneurs personality and business culture in Vietnam; Identifying training course of a higher education student (unit cost); External evaluation of SEQAP’s in-service training activities for education managers and teachers to support quality enhancing full day schooling; Determining the infrastructure and facilities for Full-day schooling’s primary schools; Evaluating financial capacity of social enterprises in Vietnam.

- CEDS is a hub of experienced and qualified researchers. CEDS commit to implement high quality consulting activities that meet the needs of clients. Currently, CEDS’ key clients are World Bank, foreign embassies (Ireland, Belgium), UNICEF and Ministry of Education and Training.

- CEDS has proven itself to be a reliable and effective partner in research and consultancy. CEDS has signed MOU with the University of Northampton’s Institute for Social Innovation and Impact on to cooperate in academic exchanges, program development and research in the area of social enterprise, social innovation and social impact. CEDS supported Master students from Sydney Business School to work and consult for social enterprises in Hanoi about strategies and innovation.

2. Philanthropic projects:

- CEDS is the first and important oversea partner of Thrive US to implement Thriive project. The project offers the loan without interest and pay-back for Vietnamese small enterprises for investing in machinery and technologies. The enterprises will have better productive and recruit more employees. Within two years, the enterprises will repay the loans by providing their products/services to the poor or by training poor and disadvantage people.

- Interhand Scholarship (Norway) is a program providing supports to ethnic minority high-school students in Sapa, Lao Cai province through scholarships to help them get into universities. CEDS is the program co-developer, and local partner to manage the program in Vietnam.

3. Seminars, conferences: 

CEDS coordinates with ministries and international organizations to organize conferences, workshops or academic exchange programs on various development issues, i.e. the International Conference on Climate Change, Workshop on anti-dumping of Vietnam’s products in the United States, international conference on environmental issues in Vietnam. CEDS supported Kobe University, UNESCO and MOET to run a Workshop “Review and application of analytical tools for education finance and administration in ASEAN countries”.

4. Training: 

- Organizing short-term courses and confers certificates for officers from ministries, industries and organizations.

- Organizing short-term courses of capacity building for social small enterprises.


Center for Economic Development Studies

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