Center for Business Administration Study


The Center for Business Administration Studies (CBAS) was established on 28th January 2011 as a unit under VNU University of Economics and Business.

At present, CBAS has a staff of 30 high qualified specialists in competitiveness strategy, marketing and product strategy; distribution systems; supply-demand chains; corporate management; product quality; human resources development; corporate and management culture.



Assoc.Prof.Dr. Phan Chi Anh

Tel: (84-24) 3754.7506 + ext.301


Vice Director:

MA. Nguyen Thu Ha

Tel: (84-24) 3754.7506 + ext.301




1. Functions:

The Center for Business Administration Studies (CBAS) is operated under University of Economics and Business, Vietnam National University, Hanoi, was established on 28th January 2011. The Center for Business Administration Study is an income generating unit, ensuring its expense for regular activities; having legal status, seal and separate banking accounts (including foreign account).

2. Responsibilities:

The Center has the function and tasks as follows:

  • To develop and implement research projects and programs and cooperative projects on corporate governance;
  • To participate in undergraduate and graduate training (according to assignment) and organize short-term training courses on corporate governance;
  • To organize and implement seminars, workshops and consultancy activities on corporate governance;
  • To organize and carry out other functions and duties as assigned by the Rector.

IV. Major activities:

CBAS is mainly responsible for the following areas:

  • Scientific research and development of technology in business administration.
  • Technological services: advising on technology transference, organizing training courses, scientific conferences, international cooperation on business administration.
  • Research, consultancy and training of CBAS are directed towards the stable development of business administration of Vietnam’s enterprises, which includes:
  • Designing and implementing stable business strategies: strategies for competitiveness, products and market development, manufacture, environment and social responsibilities.
  • Designing and implementing managing solutions for productivity improvement, product and service quality, especially productivity of the service sectors.
  • Designing and implementing managing solutions for stable manufacturing development and fine manufacture.
  • Developing skills and thinking for managers and entrepreneurs: leadership skills, resources mobilization, human resources management, development of corporate culture.

CBAS’ advisory services:

  • Increasing productivity, quality and effectiveness of corporate operation: employing quality evaluation systems of ISO 9000, ISO 27000, ISO 26000, ISO 22000 and advanced tools of Kaizen 5S, QFD, Lean Six Sigma.
  • Re-structure of business process and entire organizational structure.
  • Strategic advisory: competitiveness strategy, business development strategy.
  • Human resources advisory: assessment and recruitment, performance assessment and designing payment systems based on working effectiveness.
  • Advisory on risk administration and developing internal control system.


  • To become a research and training institute which provides professional advisory services in business administration in Vietnam, reaching international standard.
  • To cooperate, exchange and transfer research findings to domestic and international partners.



Center for Business Administration Study, VNU University of Economics and Business

E4 Building, 144 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel:  (84-24) 37547506; Fax: (84-24) 37546765

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