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The Center for Student Services (CSS) of the VNU University of Economics and Business was established following the Decision No.1624/QD-TCCB dated October 24th 2008 by the Rector of the UEB.

In the academic year 2010 - 2011, the center has gained some remarkable achievements:

- Organizing training courses of essential soft skills for students. In the academic year 2010 - 2011, the Center has organized 30 classes which attracted the attention of many students.

- Completing the construction of an alumni data base from 19th to 51st course, forming an important premise for the connection between the UEB and its alumni. It is also a precondition for intimate relationships between the university and business partners.

- The Center for Student Services cooperated with UEB Youth Union and VNU University of Languages ​​and International Study and the Vietnam Student Newspaper to hold a successful “Employment Festival - 2011”, providing 700 full-time and 500 part-time job opportunities for students. Through periodical workshops, vocational seminars and experience sharing talks, the Center is becoming a useful bridge between the students and business and society.



MA. Tran Thi Hong

Tel: (84-24)6282714

Di động: 0902156156



1. Functions

The Center for Student Services is operated under VNU University of Economics and Business. It is an income generating administrative agency, having full legal status with its own stamp and bank accounts.

- The Center has the function of organizing advisory and training activities for students, supporting them in study, research and in life; building up, developing and exploring effectively the relationship between the UEB and enterprises and alumni.

2. Responsibilities

- Implementing a long term development strategy, annual plan submitted to the Rector for approval.

- Organizing short-term training courses in necessary skills for students before graduating, especially “soft skills”.

- Provide services to support students in learning, research and employment (referral, guidance on career systems, training programs, choosing field of study, credits training, self-study and support in study, life, scholarships seeking, research…).

- Employment promotion and offer updated information on employment and the labor market.

- Organizing and managing students’ clubs, teams, groups (Tutoring Club, Young Economists Clubs, Club of Reproductive Health ...).

- Coordinating with the Office of Research Partnership Development to construct effectively and exploit the relationship between business school and the Alumni Association.

- Coordinating with the Center for Higher Educational Quality Assurance and other related units to perform the tasks of investigation, student survey and alumni of the university.

- Performing other duties as assigned by the Rector and the Decision No. 1488/QD-DHKT on the organization and operation of the Center for Student Services on 31st August 2009; strictly abide by relevant regulations issued by VNU University of Economics and Business.


1. Activities related to students assigned by the UEB:

 - Undertaking surveys to collect the ideas of students

 - Coordinating with Youth Union, Student Association and other units of the UEB to implement other duties assigned by UEB’s Board.

2. Students support:

 - Providing students with information about hostels, guiding the procedures of registering for living in the dormitory accommodation.

 - Consulting students about the use of public services, supporting the means of transport during holidays and festive occasions

 - Organizing entertainment, and exchange activities and events

 - Providing other services and activities to serve students’ life

3. Activities to support students in studying and research:

- Supporting the students in probation, practical activities, and extracurricular activities

- Advising students on selecting field of study, credits…

- Advising students on self-funded study abroad

- Supporting students with school materials, providing information about enrollment and scholarships…

- Organizing short-term training courses to develop the skills of studying, job application and working.

- Organizing and deploying other services to support students in studying and research.

4. Activities to develop relationship with enterprises and alumni:

 - Building and developing the relationship with enterprises and alumni

 - Coordinating with enterprises to organize events such as career expos, seminars, workshops (with enterprises invited to contribute), organizing field visits and probation for students

 - Providing employees up-to-date information on recruitment and labor market

 - Seeking financing sources, scholarships; mobilizing the contributions of alumni and enterprises…





Center for Student Services, VNU University of Economics and Business



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