Center for Economic and Management Information System


Center for Economic and Management Information System (CEMIS) was established on 30/10/2013  as a unit under VNU University of Economics and Business.



MA. Le Khac Quyen

Tel: (84-24) 37547506 + Ext 415




Center for Economic and Management Information System (CEMIS) is operated under the VNU University of Economics and Business, being a dependent accounting unit without legal entity. Center’s activities are approved by the Rector.

1. Functions:

CEMIS is functioned to advise and assist the Rector in planning and developing information technology system (IT) to achieve the strategic goals of the VNU-UEB;  managing, operational consulting, applying and developing of IT systems (IT equipment, application software, website, LAN/WAN/Wifi/Telephone network) following the orientation of digitized university.

2. Responsibilities:

a) Advising and assisting the Rector in implementing IT:

  • Proposing annual and long-term plans to exploit and develop the information technology system for the university;
  • Being responsible for technique and technology selection in coordinating and developing IT systems including cooperating with the Office of General Administration to purchase IT equipments and install network infrastructure; collaborating with other units to developing soft-wares; collaborating with Center for Communication and Public Relations in installing and developing the UEB website.

b) Managing and operating the IT system of the university

  • Managing the network WAN/LAN/Wifi/Telephone/Video conference of the university including: server, the server room equipments, network/telephone infrastructure, network/phone terminal, ensuring continuous 24/7 operation of IT infrastructure of the University;
  • Providing and cancel internet accounts, emails and e-office account for UEB staff;
  • Conducting contracted work in maintenance, repair or installation of information technology system such as contracts of LAN/phone, computer/printer/IT equipments, website hosting, replacement and reparation of IT components and equipments (computers, printers, copiers, projectors, etc.), software and website development etc.;
  • Applying new technologies to improve the quality of IT services to meet the demand of IT application in each stage of development;
  • Technical administering common software and website installed on the server ensure continuous 24/24 operation(net office, training management software, accounting software, online survey software, website of the university); ensure security of information and data for software and website, support other units with special software (training management software, accounting software, human resources management software) in operating and saving data.

c) IT supporting for users:

  • Supporting other units and users in operating IT equipments such as: guiding use of projectors at meeting rooms, lecture halls, guiding connection  to the internet via LAN and Wifi at the university, supporting connection of printers from Wifi to LAN;
  • Supporting troubleshooting  software for desktop and laptop users;
  • Supporting other units in applying and installing software, website;
  • Giving guidance and support for users to exploit the internet resources, VNU and UEB network resources;

d) Implementing other IT services:

  • Designing and  execute the infrastructure expansion;
  • Standardizing computer skills for officials, lecturers, students according to international standards;
  • Developing E-Learning services;
  • Designing and set up software, website;
  • Giving counsel,  transfer technology  in IT;
  • Developing chargeable value-added services on the website of the university, such as information lookup, provision of required documents.

e) Performing other functional tasks as assigned by the Rector.



Center for Economic and Management Information System,

VNU University of Economics and Business

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