Global financial crisis and lessons learned from the United States

Prof. Hamdi Bilici had a speech at the workshop
That was the topic of workshop held in the morning of 9th January, 2014 in framework of cooperation between VNU-UEB, Faculty of Finance and Banking, and California State University, Long Beach.

The workshop took place with representative of Prof. Hamdi Bilici- Director of Asia Training Programme,California State University, Long Beach. Attending the workshop were Dr. Tran Thi Thanh Tu - Associate Dean of Faculty of Finance and Banking, lecturers and high-qualified students from Faculty of Finance and Banking, Faculty of International Business and Economics, International standard program of Faculty of Business Administration.

At the workshop, Prof. Hamdi shared a lot of information about causes and consequences of the closest global financial crises and the method that the United State used to face these challenges. Not only giving clear explanation, he also gave some comments to the students and lecturers who are interested in the financial crisis issues for reference.

UEB’s students had a lot of questions for Prof. Hamdi and implied the lessons learned from US to current issues which Vietnam is facing. Along with carefully answering all of questions, he also gave many useful financial knowledge for students.

Ending the workshop, Dr. Tran Thi Thanh Tu on behalf of Faculty of UEB, Finance and Banking gave a deepest thank to Prof. Hamdi Bilici for helpful sharing and she hope that there will be more opportunities to work with him. Prof. Hamdi also hoped the collaboration between the VNU-UEB, Faculty of Finance and Banking and California State University, Long Beach would be increasingly developed.

The workshop ended successful

Le Thanh Tu - Thanh Thuy

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