Activity chain of Thriive project in the fourth quarter of 2013

Cooking class at the Golden Apple Center
In the fourth quarter of 2016, Thriive Project, which is implemented by Center for Economic Development Studies (CEDS), VNU-UEB, has chosen and completed the disbursement for 14 enterprises in 9th period of 2014, increased total number of supported enterprises to 94 projects now.

Project Management Board also continue coordinate with enterprises to organize charitable activities in the framework of the project. With 18 events were held, 2991 disadvantage people received charity products, services of the project such as agricultural tools, clothing and chickens, computers.... In addition, 103 poor farmers and unemployed youth have also been free trained in mushroom cultivation, carpentry, cooking, cosmetics, information technology...

Some typical activities in the fourth quarter of 2013  under the framework of the project as GP food company with brands " smiling Mushroom " contributed 80kg of salted shredded mushroom to charitable Thien Nguyen Chan Tam group for donating to leprosy patients at Phu Binh Lazaret, Thai Nguyen. RedViet Company under “Grandpa's Garden” brand organized course of handmade cosmetics which made​​from natural ingredients for 17 girls and single moms. At relief center for hanicapped children in Nam Dinh, To He company opened "creative class" taught drawing classes to 65 disabled students who were learning at the center. Also To He awarded creative T-shirts to children here. Golden Apple Centre organized courses of cooking Asian food base for women...

29 Nov. 2013, the Company Phuc Nguyen poultry breeds has awarded thousands of chickens for 80 poor households in Vinh Tan commune, Luong Son district, Hoa Binh province. On average, each household received 85 chickens and were enthusiastically guided how to care for chickens

Beside loans operation and charitable repay in framework of Thriive project, in 4th quarter, CEDS, UEB organized charity program "Thriive soup pot" at 4th times (took place on 12/5/2013) for international disability day.

Thriive companies and volunteer students cooked a highly nutritious, hygiene dinner to disabled people at Quynh Hoa training center. Program "Thriive soup pot" for 4th times followed the charitable spirit and promoted practical, humane of Thriive project.

Not only loaning with no interest, Thriive project also created opportunities to connect businesses with international organizations and connect vulnerable groups with benefactors... to help them get extremely practical funding.

For example, Thriive had connected Life energy JSC., that get Thriive loans in 2012, a social company specializing in computer vocational training for disadvantage youth received 45,000 USD interest-free loans (repayment in vocational training for disabled people) from Ms.Teresa, American philanthropist. With this amount, Life energy JSC. Would purchase a house to build a larger and better center than the rented cramped three rooms at different buildings in apartment Linh Dam.

Thriive Hanoi also helped Tran Thu Trang, who has glioma (learner of free-charge making cosmetic course of Thriive Enterprise in 2012 - Grandpa’s Garden), was made maxillofacial orthopedic surgery free of charge at the first times by Operation Smile Group and the next times will be supported by U.S. donor many years after.

Learner Tran Thu Trang (left) at Grandpa’s Garden showroom

Thriive not only connected financial supports but also enhanced the capacity of Thriive enterprises through relationship with other organizations and projects operating in Vietnam such as SPARK, SPIN, CSIP, LGT Foundation,...The organizations had been helping Thriive businesses to design product in sustainable development, advised on business strategy and market development...

Especially, with strong connections with the universities, CEDS connected lecturers and MBA students of the University of Sydney Business (Australia) directly advise to I-nature organic substances Camp (the new unit project getting loans in 2013) to develop business model produce and clean organic food.

Acknowledge the contributions of Thriive projects for enterprises and difficult subjects, Vietnam Television had done report on Thriive project twice: news story about Thriive on everyday life program by news boards - VTV1 and news story on ExpatLiving program produced by VTV4.

With the diverse activities mentioned above, CEDS, UEB, Thrivie Hanoi Project Management will continue to implement tasks schedule in framework of the project as well as connection throughout border, bringing more and more valuable opportunities for small businesses in Vietnam.

Duong Minh Ha - Thanh Thanh

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