The UEB discusses with Northumbria University on cooperation possibility

Leaders of the VNU University of Economics and Business and Northumbria University (the UK) have had a discussion on cooperation in training and research on April 10 2014.

Visiting the UEB were Programme Director of the Department of Media and Communication, Northumbria University Dr. Lee Barron and representatives of Northumbria University’s Marketing Office in Vietnam. Leaders of UEB’s Office of Research and Partnership Development, Center for International Training and Education (CITE), Faculty of International Business and Economics (FIBE) attended the working session.
Northumbria is known as one of the longstanding universities in terms of international students training. According to the assessment of British Accreditation Council, Northumbria University has been ranked at excellent level (22 out of 24 points).
Talking with the UEB representatives, Dr. Lee Barron introduced training programs of the Northumbria as well as the Department of Media and Communication. Dr. Barron also expressed his expectation to cooperate with the UEB in training and students enrollment for bachelor’s and master’s degree in Mass Communication, which is suitable for students majoring in International Economics and Business.
Established in 2005, Northumbria University Marketing Office is responsible for providing comprehensive information as well as supporting the enrollment activity of the university. Accordingly, the office expected the UEB might consider to design a joint training program (under 2+1, 3+1 model), in which students can receive degree by Northumbria when transferring in last year.
Discussing about the training program, UEB representative recognized that it is a qualified program, especially for students of the FIBE’s honor training program because they are competent in pursuing the program in foreign language at Northumbria.
To close the meeting, the two parties expressed their confidence in the long-term relationship and suggested proposal to keep in touch and further discuss about the cooperation possibility.

Bich Ha - Thuy Dzung

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