Strengthening the cooperation with Ninh Binh province

On May 21st 2014, the UEB staff and faculty members have participated in a workshop on launching and developing mushroom cultivation in Ninh Binh province.

This is the a workshop under the framework of the project developing the value chain of Ninh Binh mushroom by the VNU University of Economics & Business and Ninh Binh Department of Science & Technology to coordinate implementation.

Addressing to open the workshop, UEB Vice Rector and Project Manager Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tran Anh Tai introduced the project objective is to encourage the value of mushroom cultivation business. He also mentioned the purpose of the workshop is to study the actual cultivation and supply of mushrooms in Ninh Binh via two-way communication between business and Ninh Binh authorities. Through the comments at the workshop, the project team will complete questionnaires for five subjects: managers, manufacturer of mushrooms, mushroom cultivator, retailers and consumers.

People’s Council Chairman of Yen Khanh district Mr. Le Trung Thanh pointed out the advantages and difficulties of mushrooms cultivation in Ninh Binh. Currently, there are 95 mushroom cultivating households and 15 medium groups and businesses in Yen Khanh district. Mushroom cultivation brings higher economic benefits than other agricultural crops, attracting many workers, particularly middle-aged and elderly people. Successful mushroom cultivation will contribute to solve local social welfare issues. However, the biggest drawback in the development of mushroom cultivation in Ninh Binh is technical issues and people training.


Mr. Le Trung Thanh speaks at the workshop

Following the workshop was the discussion between the mushroom cultivators and businesses, most of whom thought that mushroom cultivation is a good choice for Ninh Binh but it is still spontaneous and manually, strictly influenced by the weather while the equipment is still insufficient.

In addition, consumption of mushroom depends largely on market information, only a single adverse information about the quality of mushroom  such as mushrooms were rumors of poisoning did time for mushroom producers in Ninh Binh damage hundreds of millions VND because of the decreasing consumption from Hanoi market.

The participants also offered ideas to develop the cultivation of mushrooms such as enhancing mushrooms cultivation techniques and processing, branding for mushroom products of Ninh Binh, propaganda of the benefits of mushrooms, cooking techniques from mushroom products, etc. Many participants concerned the new kinds of mushrooms to replace the degenerated ones.

Some comments suggested the project team to study thoroughly the actual situation of Ninh Binh to respond to the issues that Ninh Binh have the availability of human resource, safe products, consuming market but the mushroom cultivation in the province has yet to be developed. Ms. Vu Thi Dam, representatives of the mushroom cultivators enthusiastically stressed that technical factors is the leading factor in mushroom production.

At the end of the workshop, Mr. Le Trung Thanh thanked for the UEB staff for the collaboration in the project. He affirmed that Ninh Binh had a great determination to change the structure of agricultural products, especially mushrooms. The desire of local managers is to build a brand for Ninh Binh mushroom. The cooperation between the University of Economics and Business and Ninh Binhf Department of Science & Technology marked the first step for the long-term cooperation in the future.

In the same afternoon, the project team had a field trip to the plants in Ninh Binh to learn mushroom cultivation processes as well as the requirements and aspirations of the households.

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