Sumitomo Foundation introduces its research grant at the UEB

Mr. Koichi Ishizuka introduced the research programs supported by the Sumitomo Foundation
On July 7th 2014, Representatives of the Sumitomo Foundation, Japan – Mr. Koichi Ishizuka had a meeting at VNU University of Economics and Business with the faculty members to introduce the grant program for Japan-related research projects.

Dr. Nguyen Dang Minh, Head of Office of Research and Partnership Development, leaders of five UEB’s faculties and lecturers attended the program.
 The Sumitomo Foundation is a non-profit organization which was founded on September 25th 1991 by 20 companies in Sumitomo Corporation to celebrate 300 years of Besshi Copper Mine in Shikoku, Japan. The objective of the Fund is to contribute to improve society by calling for the support of the community. Currently the fund's grants will be delivered to the project which objectives are set out to resolve the problems that people are facing, such as culture, environment as well as supporting scientific research and the international exchange.
In Vietnam, the fund was active in bridging between Vietnam - Japan, especially in the field of human resources training, linking the scholars of two countries. In recent years, many professors and archaeologists in Vietnam have received grants from the fund to implement the project, research work. According to statistics of the fund, since 1992, more than 100 Vietnamese scientists received the grant of the fund.
Currently, the Sumitomo Foundation is receiving proposals which are related to Japan issues from the Asian countries.
In his presentation, Mr. Koichi expressed his desire to have more projects from the researchers of Vietnam in general and UEB in particular to compete with universities, research institutes around the world on receiving of funding. Then, this grant will probably contribute to the development of human resources in Vietnam in the future.

After the presentation of Mr. Koichi, lecturers interested in the program have discussed and asked many questions around the themes, priorities, time frame to make a research topic... from which lecturers could prepare for their research proposals to apply for Sumitomo Foundation’s grant program.

The UEB lecturers paid attention to the introduction of the grant program of Sumitomo Foundation

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