The Global Partnership of Asian Colleges 2014 has started

On the morning of August 26th, the Global Partnership of Asian Colleges 2014 under the theme “Sustainable Development in Asia: Economics growth and Environment management” hosted by the VNU University of Economics and Business has opened.

The Global Partnership of Asian Colleges (GPAC) is a major international forum, held annually for students from Asian universities. Participating in GPAC 2014 are the delegations from the Seoul National University (South Korea), Keio University, Chiba Universiry of Commerce, Meio University (Japan), Chengchi National University (Taiwan), The College of Management - Academic Studies (Israel), Waseda University (Japan) as the observers and the host - VNU University of Economics and Business.

GPAC 2014 opening ceremony witnessed the presence of all member universities, the GPAC founders who are Prof. Haruo Shimada and Prof. Sang Kee Min as well as the representatives of the VNU University of Economics and Business (VNU-UEB) and GPAC 2014 sponsor.
At the opening ceremony, representative of the host, VNU Vice Rector Dr. Nguyen Truc Le has delivered the welcome speech to delegates attended GPAC 2014. Dr. Le expressed his special thanks to Prof. Sang Kee Min - President of Seoul National University and Prof. Haruo Shimada - President of Chiba University of Commerce, who first initiated GPAC in 1991. The year 2014 marks the 24th time that GPAC is held, and the 2nd year the UEB holds the hosting position (after the first time in 2010).

Coming to the opening ceremony stage, Prof. Haruo Shimada encouraged an exciting start of GPAC 2014 by the introductions of each participation delegations. Prof. Haruo Shimada also emphasized the significance of the GPAC 2014 theme to the current context of economic growth and environmental protection to Asian countries, especially developing countries.

The VNU-UEB Vice Rector Dr. Nguyen Truc Le welcomes the participation delegations to GPAC 2014 

Prof. Haruo Shimada - President of Chiba University of Commerce stressed the significance of GPAC 2014 theme on sustainable development imbedded with economic growth and environment management

Sponsor representative, Dr. Can Van Luc - Deputy General Director of the Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam is confident of the success of GPAC 2014

After the opening ceremony, all the students and professors were divided into six sessions for presentation on six topics: Environmental Economics, International finance, Investment and international commerce, General labor economics, Macroeconomics and Business Administration. These sessions will focus on discussing on practical solutions to the issues related to sustainable economics and environmental protection.
With the participation of more than 120 foreign delegates and 80 Vietnamese delegates, GPAC 2014 brings the forum for Asian students to discuss about regional economic issues and the world’s. The student participating GPAC also have the chance of academic and cultural exchanges, thereby enhancing their understanding of the global common issues. This is an opportunity for the faculty to meet and discuss about teaching experience and scientific research. To promote its mission, GPAC 2014 is set under the theme “Sustainable development in Asia: Economic growth and Environmental management” to promote research activities and raise students’ awareness of the importance of protecting the environment along with the socio-economic development.
As scheduled, GPAC 2014 is closing on August 29, 2014.


GPAC 2014 witnesses the presence of 120 foreign delegates and 80 Vietnamese delegates.

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