Students’ academic and cultural exchange between the UEB and Waseda University

On 23rd September 2014, Waseda University students led Prof. Tran Van Tho have visited and the VNU University of Economics and Business and participated in an academic and cultural exchange program at the university. This is an annual event of the University of Economics and Business and Waseda University (Japan), which brings opportunities for students to understand each others’ culture and to exchange knowledge between the two countries.

To open the exchange program, a conference titled “Issues in Economic Development: Thinking of Vietnam” has attracted numerous students of the two universities. The UEB Rector Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hong Son and Lecturer of Waseda University Prof. Tran Van Tho were present at the conference.

Participating the conference, the UEB students have presented two papers on “Environmental Sustainability and Economic Development: The Life Cycle Assessment of Vietnamese black tea production” and  “Assessment of factors leading to the risk of falling into middle income trap: Vietnam case study” which mentioned several issues relating to economic development in Vietnam such as average income trap, sustainable economic development and environmental protection, etc.

Through the presentation entitled “Official Development Assistance and Economic Growth”, the Japanese students talked about the ODA attraction and deployment in Thailand and Philippines thereby suggesting several inclusions and recommendations to Vietnam. In another paper on “The Strategy of Economic Growth with Less Income Inequality”, the students analyzed economic development in Japan with the low income inequality, the experience of Japan, Taiwan and implementations to Vietnam.

Through the academic exchange program, students of the two universities have discussed their points of views and new approaches to economic issues. The lecturers also suggested their comments to proposed further directions to study.

Students of Waseda University presents ODA and economic development


After the presentations, the students and lecturers at the conference raise their questions and discuss together

On the same day, the exchange activities continued with the interesting and colorful cultural exchange. Students of the UEB and Waseda University have introduced their country’s image through the clips about the history, people, and culture of Vietnam and Japan. The image of the last exchange program between two universities were also displayed, which brought the students back to the memorial moments. The melodious singing and lively dance were the exciting gifts that the UEB students gave to their friends from Waseda University. 

In the cultural exchange, the UEB students bring several performances, which erases the distance of different cultures and languages


The Waseda University’s students are lively in a collective dance

What impressed the students most were the images of Vietnamese and Japanese history and culture through the clips and games about “Historical Characters.” The students had the chance to understand about Hung Kings, Ngo Quyen, Quang Trung, Le Loi of Vietnam as well as Samurai, Meiji Emperor of Japan, who are the historical heroes of the two countries.
24th September 2014, Hanoi sightseeing tour will close the exchange program between the two universities. The annual activity between the UEB and Waseda University always leaves impressive feeling among the students. The happy smiles and friendly hugs will always be the beautiful images and the unforgettable memories of each students attending this program. 

The students take part in a fun game, in which they have to redraw a Vietnamese traditional painting


The student exchange activity between the UEB and Waseda Universtiy strengthens the relationship and brings an opportunity for students to know each other


The delegdation from Waseda University is led by Prof. Tran Van Tho (person in the suit)

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