Opportunities to get Master degree in Business Administration from Hosei University

Global MBA (Master in Business Administration) course in Japan with many learning opportunities and experiences for students of VNU University of Economics and Business was the main content of the working session between representatives of Hosei University and the UEB on 9th April, 2015.

Dr. Le Trung Thanh - Head of Office of Research and Partnership Development and Dr. Nguyen Anh Thu - Associate Dean of Faculty of International Business and Economics welcomed and worked with partner.
The objective of the meeting was to introduce the program of Global MBA of Hosei Business School of Innovation Management to a large number of graduates and senior students of the UEB.
At the working meeting, Prof. Asako Takada from Hosei Business School of Innovation Management had detailed introduction about Global MBA course, in which he particularly emphasized on its’ distinctions, such as providing practical experiences in enterprises inside as well as outside Japan, enhancing collaboration among students from different countries, learning programs in English, opportunities to learn while working…

Mrs. Asako also said that Japan currently had a huge demand for human resources for Government’s major projects and the preparation for the Olympics 2020; hence students of the Global MBA have wide-open opportunities for their employment and new career.

Mrs. Asako shared indeed: “We highly appreciate UEB students’s ability and level. We will exempt the preliminary round for those who have the desire to participate in Global MBA course. Hosei School will also create the most favourable conditions to support you during learning at university and after graduation as well”. In addition, she expressed her wish to continually promote the partnership between two universities through the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed in the future.

Representatives of VNU University of Economics and Business and Hosei University took photograph together

At the end of the working session, representative of VNU - UEB, Dr. Le Trung Thanh expressed his sincere thanks to partner’s useful share and said that UEB would assist partner in transmitting information to students; Simultaneously, he emphasized on the desire to expand the relationship in students/lecturers exchange program in the future.
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