UEB’s Rector attended the ASEAN Business Awards 2015 as a member of ASEAN-BAC

Meeting of the Council on choosing the winners of ABA 2015
On 26th October 2015, Rector of the VNU University of Economics and Business - Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hong Son attended the ASEAN Business Awards 2015 (ABA 2015) at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as a member of the ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN-BAC). Previously, as a member of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hong Son had received honorable invitation to take part in the ABA 2015 from the ASEAN - BAC.

The ASEAN Business Awards was launched for the first time in 2007 by the ASEAN - BAC to give recognition to enterprises that have contributed to the growth and prosperity of the ASEAN economy. Aside from recognizing outstanding ASEAN enterprises, ABA was also designed to serve as a platform to bring to the spotlight enterprises that have the potential of becoming global economic players in their respective industries.

In 2015, the ASEAN - BAC will present 19 awards, including 12 awards to be given out to each “Priority Integration Sector” which are agro-based, automotive, aviation, e-ASEAN, electronics, fisheries, healthcare, logistics, rubber-based, textiles, tourism, and wood-based; 4 SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) Excellent Awards to be given out per sub-category of ‘growth’, ‘employment’, ‘innovation’, and ‘corporate social responsibility' (CSR); Young Entrepreneurs Award; Women Entrepreneurs Award and Friends of ASEAN Award.

Winners of these awards are chosen by members of the ASEAN-BAC 2015, including representatives from: Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Brunei Darussalam and Vietnam. After a working day, the Council has chosen the outstanding enterprises for the awards. These awards will be presented at the Gala Dinner of the apex of the ASEAN Business and Investment Summit on 20th November 2015.

Contribution of the UEB’s Rector in the ASEAN Business Awards promoted the cohesion between the UEB in particular and the VNU in general with business community as well as opened new cooperation opportunities between the UEB and ASEAN’s organizations, especially in the fields of research and consulting on regional economic integration.

Member of the ASEAN Business Advisory Council took a shot together at the ASEAN Business Awards 2015

  • ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN-BAC) was formed following decision of the ASEAN Leaders at the 7th ASEAN Summit and launched in April 2003. The Council has the mandate to provide private sector feedback and guidance to boost ASEAN's efforts towards economic integration. Members of ASEAN - BAC are appointed by Ministers of member countries, including senior leaders of enterprises.
  • The ASEAN Business & Investment Summit 2015 (ABIS) is ASEAN's premier annual Business and Investment event. The summit provides a key platform for the business community to engage with ASEAN leaders, business leaders, entrepreneurs and key decision makers. ASEAN-BIS 2015 focus on discussing the pressing issues which challenges enterprises as well as analyzing possible outcomes of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), which will be formed by the end of 2015.

Source: http://www.asean-bac.org

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