UEB Genesis Startup: Meeting with international specialist on Entrepreneurship

In the framework of UEB Genesis startup, Office of Research and Partnership Development in collaboration with the Young Economists Club (YEC), VNU University of Economics and Business organized a seminar "The Source of Opportunities and Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset".

Speaker of the seminar was Professor Yolanda Sarason - Specialist on entrepreneurship, strategic management; lecturer of Colorado State University, USA as well as the Fulbright Scholar in the academic year 2015 -2016.


Attending the seminar, students were inspired with the flame of passion to develop business ideas through valuable sharing from both speakers and lecturers of VNU-UEB


Opening the seminar, Prof. Yolanda Sarason introduced to the delegates and students interesting concepts and perspectives related to business and entrepreneurship opportunities.  Ms. Yolanda also analyzed how creativity as well as the development trend of economy, society, politics and technology bring opportunities to entrepreneurship.

Next, participants and students discussed in groups about current changes and trends in the world, so as to propose business ideas on products and services to address those challenges or meet the needs of potential markets. The discussion was very exciting with active participation of both the faculty and students.


Discussion of participants and students

After the group discussion, Prof. Sarason summarized some recent startup trend in the world to provide products and services related to globalization, biotechnology, Internet, training, healthcare/ fitness, taking care of children and the elderly, or intelligent household products, products for pets, products and other innovative services to meet the increasing demands of consumers

In addition, Prof. Sarason also presented the features of entrepreneurs – who had the ability to accept high risks, expected to create more profits and full of energy, passion, ambition to be able to control themselves and pursue their dreams. According to Prof. Sarason, for successful startup, we need to combine three elements: (1) What we are most passionate about (2) what we can do best; and (3) what the motivation of economic value creation is?


Participating in the seminar, beside students were lecturers from VNU-UEB, Higher Education Faculty of VNU and Vietnam Women’s Academy


After the presentation of Prof. Sarason, delegates and students put a lot of interesting questions to the speakers on the entrepreneurship movement and startup competitions at universities in the US. The seminar took place in the friendly environment and provided students with a lot of useful knowledge.

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