Thriive Hanoi program celebrates 10 years of operation

A corner of the photo exhibition on 10 years of operation of Thriive Hanoi
Operating in 2005, Thriive Hanoi is the cooperation program between the Thriive US and Centre of Economic Development Studies, VNU University of Economics and Business. The program aims to develop sustainable communities through supporting the small and medium-sized enterprises with non-interest loan which is repayable in 2 years by providing free products / services, vocational training with value equivalent to the original loan for people in difficulites.

In the evening of 07 May 2016, the Centre of Economic Development Studies(CEDS), VNU University of Economics and Business celebrated 10th year anniversary of the program Thriive Hanoi.

Attending the celebration were representatives of US Thriive Programme, Coordination Board of Thriive Hanoi at different periods, Dr. Nguyen Truc Le - Vice-Rector of the university; Dr. Le Trung Thanh, Head of Office of Research and Partnership Development; Ms. Feng-Hua Wang, representing the United States Delegation in Vietnam and nearly 100 business owners who participated in Thriive Hanoi from 2005 to 2015.


The ceremony took place in a friendly and warm atmosphere. Mr. Erik Schultz – the Founder and CEO of Thriive shared with the participants the vision and mission of the program. He emphasized that Thriive Hanoi Program is the first program in the world and the program had created the gold standard for Thriive subsequent programs.


He also sent his sincerest thanks to CEDS – the partner in Hanoi and nearly 100 business representatives for their efforts and contribution to the success of the program after 10 years of operation.


Mr. Erik Schultz shared about the program Thriive


In the framework of the celebration, beside exchange, sharing and connect activities, the participants also visited the photo exhibition, watched the video of summarizing about Thriive’s activities to learn more about the journey of diffusing social responsibility, building sustainable communities in Vietnam


In 10 years of operation, Thriive Hanoi has supported 116 enterprieses, of which 50% of enterprises are led women; created1,446 new jobs. Nearly 120,000 people in difficulties in 24 provinces throughout Vietnam have been assisted by the program.


Closing the ceremony, the guests and the Program Coordination Committee jointly took a photo. Business representatives also expressed their profound gratitude to the Thriive organization and the Program Coordination Committee of Thriive Hanoi, while hoping the program will be replicated and increasingly strengthen in the future


Programme Coordination Committee of Thriive Hanoi and representatives of Thriive US


Participating enterprises in 2015 took photo with Thriive US representatives

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