Institute of Business Administration exchanges with students of Kyushu University

Students of the two universities divided into groups discussing issues in the field of business administration
On 24th September 2016, Institute of Business Administration, VNU University of Economics and Business (UEB) organized an exchange program with students from Kyushu University Business School, Japan. The exchange focused on the main issues in business between Vietnam and Japan.

The delegation of Kyushu University Business School attended the exchange with nearly thirty students leaded by Professor. Hiroshi Hoshino. Welcoming the delegation, there was Dr. Ho Chi Dung - Head of the Marketing Department and students of high quality and international standard programs.

Sharing at the exchange, Professor Hiroshi Hoshino expressed appreciation for the warm welcome of the UEB and gave an impressive introduction about Kyushu University and Fukuoka city.

On behalf of the Institute of Business Administration, VNU University of Economics and Business, Dr. Ho Chi Dung showed his gladness when welcoming the delegation of Kyushu University and sharing information about the Institute of Business Administration and the UEB.

In the main part of the exchange, students of the two universities were divided into five groups, discussing various topics in the field of management and business. After nearly an hour of discussion, the groups gave presentations on various topics and answering questions given by Prof. Hiroshi Hoshino and Dr. Ho Chi Dung.

Professor Hiroshi Hoshino shares at the exchange

Topics presented by the groups were diverse, including start-up models, designing and start-up of helmets in Vietnam etc. Despite short-time preparation, the presentations were professionally presented. Afterward, the best one was chosen with the presentation on “start-up with multi-functioned helmets in Vietnam”.

The exchange brought about exciting moments and useful knowledge for students of both universities. Especially, students of the Institute of Business Administration had the chance to learn from professional working style, experiences and knowledge.

Delegations of Kyushu University and VNU-UEB at the exchange

On behalf of the Institute of Business Administration, Dr. Ho Chi Dung highly appreciated the outcome of the exchange and expressed the desire to foster the partnership with Kyushu University in the near future. Prof. Hiroshi Hoshino also expressed gratitude for the warm welcome of the Institute and all students.

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