Orientation Session for international students at the UEB

On September 12th, the Office of Research and Partnership Development in collaboration with the School of Business Administration held the Orientation Session for foreign students. This is the chance to introduce to the students about the UEB as well as give them guidance and instruction during their stay at the University.

In the academic year 2017-2018, VNU University of Economics and Business received 9 international students from 4 partner universities. The students will study in the UEB for one semester.
Partnership development at VNU University of Economics and Business has supporting and promoting student exchange programs with international partner universities. This creates the opportunities for UEB’s students to participate in international academic environment and interact with international friends. Meanwhile, this also the chance for international students take part in the learning at the UEB.


Foreign students study at the UEB

Participating in the Orientation Session, foreign students have the opportunity to understand the model of Hanoi National University, Hanoi and the University of Economics and Business, student activities as well as other supporting activities for foreign students. In addition, the Faculty always appoint one or two Vietnamese students to support the foreign student.

In this academic year, the UEB also sent 8 students to study in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark and Japan.

More information:
Currently, the UEB is implementing two types of student exchange:
(1) Exchange/Short-term exchange: the short-term exchanges have been carried out annually, including the Global Partnership of Asian Colleges GPAC, International Students Forum ISF, CUC Summer School at Chiba College of Commerce, Japanese Language and Culture Course at National University of Yokohama, Japan, Asean Art Festival at Malaysia National University, and other exchange programs with Waseda University, Japan. With these programs, UEB attracts from 50 to 200 international students to the University and sends 30 to 50 UEB’s students to international partner universities.
(2) Credit Exchanges: Credit exchange requires students to attend at least one or two semesters at the partner university. Accordingly, students are exempted from full tuition fees and can be considered for credit approval after completion of the exchange semester. The UEB has implemented credit exchanges with universities in Asia (Oita University, Akita International University - Japan, ChengChi University - Taiwan), in Europe (Varna University of Management - Bulgaria, University of Regensburg - Germany, University of Rennes - France, University of Southern Denmark, Uppsala University - Sweden). Besides, there are also full scholarship exchange programs for students, including student exchange under the Asian University Network (AUN), and EU-SHARE project.

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