Seminar on top-up program with Middlesex University

On 16th March, 2018, VNU University of Economics and Business in collaboration with Middlesex University, United Kingdom held a seminar to introduce top-up program at Middlesex University for UEB’s students.

The seminar was attended by Ms. Kay Yuen - International Education Manager, Middlesex University, Ms. Mai Huu Hanh - Representative of Middlesex University in Vietnam.
At the seminar, Ms. Kay Yuen introduced to UEB’s students about Middlesex University, its enrollment programs and how to enroll, particularly in the top-up programs.

Ms. Kay Yuen shares with the students

Accordingly, Middlesex University recognizes the UEB’s programs in Bachelor of Administration, Bachelor of Finance and Banking, Bachelor of International Business and Economics. Starting from the academic year 2018-2019, Middlesex University will offer places on year 3 of equivalent Middlesex programs to suitably qualified students from the UEB. The students need to meet the conditions set by Middlesex University, including average grade and language proficiency.


UEB students listen to information about the program
After that, Ms Mai Huu Hanh - representative of Middlesex in Vietnam talked to UEB students about the process of preparing application, visa as well as how to improve their English…

The top-up program at Middlesex University promises to bring opportunities for UEB students to experience a professional learning environment at a reasonable cost and a life time in one of the world's largest financial-economic center. Also, the program is a great opportunity for UEB students to receive an international bachelor's degree, improve their knowledge and broaden their access to career opportunities in the international environment.

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