Thriive Hanoi Programme - an effort to support the vulnerable community of VNU University of Economics and Business

On 4th May 2018, Thriive Hanoi and representative of VNU University of Economics and Business visited the beekeeping training course for 34 households in Dan Hoa commune, Ky Son District, Hoa Binh Province. The beekeeping training course is one of Mountainous Bee company’s payback programmes for Thriive.

In 2005, Ms Luu Thi Dao - the business owner- had really hard time starting the Mountainous Bee with a small amount of budget, the business grew slowly and inefficient. She came to Thriive Hanoi to present her business ideas and social impacted payback plan. Persuaded by the idea, Thriive Hanoi provided the funding for Mountainous Bee Company to expand the business. As plan went well, the company developed significantly and more job were created. The company paid its loan by giving beekeeping training courses for poor families since November 2017 as well as 2 beehives and initial tools

Teaching techniques of bee raising

Not only training the farmers basic knowledge in beekeeping, the company is providing long term and directly guidance until they success. The beehives can increased from 2 to 10-12 hives after a year that worth million dongs. This is a good job for farmers as they get higher income with less work as well as it’s not harmful for the environment.

Ky Son is especially suitable for bee raising as there are lots of pesticide-free flowers. The main flowers here are longan and lansium. Although the cost for beekeeping here is low, the techniques require high. Beekeepers need to know the techniques in raising bees, especially how to warm the hives in winter so that the bees won’t fly back to the wood. That’s why teaching techniques of bee raising is important.

Visiting households in Dan Hoa commune

On behalf of the local authorities, Mr. Nguyen Chi Lung - Head of commune 3 said: We are sincerely thankful to Thriive Hanoi and Mountainous Bee for bringing bee raising project to our community. The project helped our farmers to combat poverty and earn their own living. It has changed our village for better life.”

Ms Luu Thi Dao said helping farmers is a part of Thriive’s mission to build a better society by giving goods and opportunities to the disadvantage people, toward the national mission of poverty reduction. The company is proud to bring happiness and better life to farmers. She also sent the sincere thanks to Thriive US, Center of Economics Development Studies (CEDS), VNU University of Economics and Business for accompanying the company in this meaningful activity.


Thriive is the cooperative program between the Thriive US and Centre of Economic Development Studies (CEDS), VNU University of Economics and Business since 2005. The program aims to develop sustainable communities through supporting the small and medium-sized enterprises.

The small and medium sized enterprises taking part in Thriive regardless of business fields have the goals of developing and supporting vulnerable community. By 2017, Thriive Hanoi has given loans to 150 enterprises, which created 1.634 new jobs and donated products/services to more than 120.000 poor people in 24 Northern provinces of Vietnam. The beneficial of the project include the poor, the disabled, the minority, the old and orphans etc.
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