Expanding cooperation with Srilanka

Ceremony to award certificates to learners
As a part of cooperation activities between VNU University of Economics and Business (UEB) and Kelaniya University, the University has opened the short course titled “Multinational companies and Investment enviroment in Vietnam” for 93 MBA learners and 13 lecturers from Kelaniya University. The course lasted for 3 days from 8th May to 10th May and guided by UEB’s professors.

The course was designed for Sri Lanka MBA learners who want to learn about multinational companies, especially in a country that attracted many multinational companies like Vietnam. During the course, Sri Lanka learners were taught by experienced professors of the UEB and had chances to visit Honda Vietnam factory, Toyota and Son Ha factory to witness the real operation of the companies.

Lectures with UEB's professors

This course also aimed at to enhancing knowledge and promote culture exchange between the two countries through activities such as sightseeing at Vietnam Museum of Ethnology and Halong Bay.

Teamwork during the lectures
Visit to Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Having a speech at the ceremony, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Truc Le Rector of the UEB congratulated 93 Sri Lanka learners for successfully completion of the course. He hoped that the course gave its learners useful knowledge to apply in their future career at Sri Lanka’s companies. Besides, he also looked for more cooperation opportunities in education between Vietnam and Sri Lanka - the pearl of India ocean.

Speech of Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Truc Le - Rector of the UEB

Darshaka Dilhan - a MBA learners from Kelaniya University said: “This is a wonderful course, the organizational was really great. Participating in the course, we have a chance to learn in practice about how factories work and understand more about Vietnamese economic system. This is a precious experience for me as operation manager in Sri Lanka. UEB’s professors is also passionate and enthusiastic in giving us highly practical lectures. Overall, we really appreciate VNU University of Economics and Business for organizing this meaningful course for Sri Lanka learners”.

After this course, the UEB and Kelaniya University hope to expand the cooperation with many more activities in the near future. Hopefully, the cooperation between two universities will contribute to strong relationship between two countries Vietnam and Sri Lanka.


At the time of internationalization and globalization, the demand of high quality education is increasing. VNU University of Economics and Business is focusing on improving the university with modern teaching and learning methods to get access to advanced education systems from regional countries and the world. Moreover, UEB not only give Vietnamese students opportunities to study abroad but also encourage foreign students to come to UEB and participate in learning and exchange activities; researching and sharing teaching experiences. In the past, UEB welcomed students and lecturers from George Mason University, Sydney University, Massey University, Kyoto University, Yokohama National University, etc. coming to UEB to learn and exchange.

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