Three crucial contents in the MOU with VOV

Recently, leaders of Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU) - Nguyen Kim Son and the Voice of Vietnam (VOV) - Nguyen The Ky have signed the Memorandum of understanding between the sides on 22nd May, 2018. The MOU includes crucial contents for cooperation between the VNU-UEB and the VOV.

The purpose of the MOU between VNU and VOV is to strengthen the relationship of the cooperation, share experiences, and promote the potentials and strengths of each side in order to jointly solve practical problems in information communication, human resource development, scientific research, and technological transmission. This agreement is used for the cause of socio-economic development, international integration, and the development of each party.

The cooperative agreement of the MOU are assigned directly to the members of VNU for implementation, including 3 major contents that VNU assigned to the University of Economics and Business (UEB), including:

  • UEB will hold a short-term training program on Business Administration of Media and Broadcasting;
  • UEB will organize training courses to improve the management capacity of managerial positions of VOV (expected to have 2-3 courses/year);
  • VOV will hold weekly talk show on the topic of socio-economic with the broadcast of the leading lecturers of UEB.

With the three contents of the agreement, it has shown the mutual respect in terms of professional work. VOV, a well-known state-owned press agency, will be transferred knowledge on management skills, media and broadcasting administration in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 by UEB. This will enhance the managerial competency of VOV to prevent the loss of capital, human and material resources. On the contrary, the top economists from the UEB will broadcast directly and discuss with the spectators on the rising and hot economical issues in each period and topic. All the above have proved the trust and prestige of the parties.

At the signing ceremony between VNU and VOV, the parties pledged that the implementation of cooperation tasks must be effective, practical, and consistent with the potentials, strengths and especially meet the practical needs of each party. The leaders of the two parties also assigned the tasks directly to the subordinate units and they will regularly exchange information and closely monitor the implementation of the signed agreement.

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