UEB received certificate of merit from Embassy of Japan

On 11th January 2019, Embassy of Japan in Vietnam awarded the certificate of merit for VNU University of Economics and Business for recognition of the UEB’s contribution in promoting cooperative partnership between Vietnam and Japan.

Speaking at the ceremony, Japanese Ambassador - Mr. Umeda Kunio highly appreciated the contribution of individuals and organization of both countries in celebrating the 45th year of Vietnam and Japan partnership. He also emphasized the 5 main activities having major impact on the future of the partnership: the first is the CPTPP agreement, which takes effect from 14th January 2019. Secondly, the amendment of Japan immigration law which identifies the residents of “special skills”. Thirdly, the growth rate of Vietnam reached 7.08% in the past 10 years and the total FDI invested in Vietnam in 2018 was 35.5 billion dollars, in which Japan was the top FDI investor in 2 years (2017 and 2018). Fourthly, establishment of the Consulate of Japan in Danang was proposed in the draft for state budget in 2020. If this proposal is approved by the Japanese Parliament, the Consulate will be built in January 2010. Fifthly, the Embassy of Vietnam held over 240 events celebrating the 45th year establishment of partnership between Vietnam and Japan with support from many individuals, organizations and enterprises.

Vice Rector of the UEB received the certificate of merit  

On this special occasion, the Embassy awarded the certificate of merit for acknowledgement of the UEB’s contribution for promoting the partnership between the two countries.


On behalf of the University, UEB’s Vice Rector - Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Anh Thu honored to receive the merit from the Ambassador. She said, the acknowledgement of the Embassy will motivate the university in undertaking more and more cooperative activities among universities in particular and between Vietnam and Japan in general.

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