Free heart surgery - Noble deed by Thriive Business

Mrs. Thuy, owner of Khuong Son (Thriive 2018) and Mrs. Hanh with her son before surgery day
Missions of Thriive (UEB - VNU) are to change businesses’ mindset about society development, offer vocational trainings for disadvantaged people, give them the ability to work and support their families. Thuong Thuong Handmade (Thriive program member 2018) did open a class where 10 children from Vietnam - Korea Rehabilitation Center are taught to do rolled-paper card.

Quynh, 22 year-old, from Phuc Tho, Hanoi, caught sequelae of Agent Orange right from her born, therefore, she’s only 80cm tall. Her family has countered hard times with poverty and parents’ divorce. Quynh and her little brother live and attend school on money from their mom selling pineapples. Enrolling in Thuong Thuong Handmade’ class, Quynh said: “Throughout 10 years of living here, thanks to Mrs. Thuong (Thuong Thuong Handmade’s owner), I have had chances to do the job I loved and found suitable. I’ve met many people and found it easier to get on well with the society. After being trained, if the conditions allow, I would love to work at Thuong Thuong Handmade’s craft store”. Thuong Thuong Handmade have provided one-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the disadvantages, unlucky young people to have normal lifes like the others.


Mrs. Thuong (right) and Quynh in her first class

Beyond the boundaries of Thriive Project, owners of Thriive Businesses always make effort to support local residents with difficult conditions. Mrs. Can Thi Hong Hanh (born in 1973) at Lane 3, Viet Yen, Dong Yen, Quoc Oai, Hanoi is an example of recipients of Quoc Oai Chicken’s pay-back activities in Thriive. After knowing about this circumstance, Mrs. Huong - Quoc Oai Chicken’s (Thriive 2018) owner sympathized with Mrs. Hanh conditions: poor family, husband with mental illness for 9 years and has no ability to work. Her son, Sy Danh Van (5 years old) has congenital heart problem. Her daughter also have liver issues, just recovered from surgery and 7 years of treatments. Mrs. Huong, by her whole noble heart and effort, helped Mrs. Thuy and her son to have a free heart surgery in Viet Duc University Hospital. Moreover, Mrs. Thuy also reached out to her personal relationships, including Mrs. Trang - owner of Dao’s Care (Thriive 2018) and her employees to raise money for Van to cover his treatment process.


Mr. Bo and Mrs. Huong (Quoc Oai Chicken's) in a day of giving chicken breeds - a payback activity in Thriive Project


Mrs. Hanh and her son - Van after recovering from the surgery

After the above stories about Thriive Project Hanoi, we can see the whole-hearted sharing and caring among Thriive social businesses. These supports went beyond the boundaries of Thriive Project, showed the sympathy, humanity of the businesses. Also, it conveys a message of “give and expect nothing in return” in life.

Van‘s story had a happy ending: the boy finally had a healthy heart like his peers. This story also opens up an idea for all Thriive businesses to gather as a group, a chain covering many fields to create a collective power. This would help spreading great values to children, the elder or disadvantaged people to have motivation in their lives.

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