MOU signing ceremony between UEB and Dao Duy Tu High School

On the morning of July 12th, 2019, the signing ceremony of cooperation agreement between the UEB and Dao Duy Tu high school took place at Dao Duy Tu High School (Thai Nguyen City).

The ceremony had the presence of Mrs. Tran Thi My Quang - Head of high school education - Thai Nguyen Department of Education and Training; Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Anh Thu - Vice Rector of the UEB; Prof. Dr. Ha Huy Bang - Chairman of the Boards of Director, Dao Duy Tu High School together with representatives of agencies, organizations, teachers and students of Dao Duy Tu High School.

“The handshake” between university and high school

Cooperation between university and high school always creates mutual opportunities for the two organizations, and benefits many students worldwide. In the process of education internationalization, the UEB has followed the trend of promoting strategic cooperation with high schools. Dao Duy Tu High School (Hanoi and Thai Nguyen) is one of the high schools pioneering in international activities with high-qualified students, especially in foreign language skills, soft skills, etc. Students of Dao Duy Tu High School are oriented to train international English certificates and SAT right from the first year. This is the key for students to confidently explore the future university environment with several opportunities to exchange and study in the world.


Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Anh Thu - Vice Rector of the UEB shared her feelings at the ceremony: "Education Internationalization is the common goal of the UEB and Dao Duy Tu High School. With solid knowledge base and skills of Dao Duy Tu students, the UEB will keep following the path, bring many opportunities for students to study as well as international exchange through credit exchange programs with many universities in the region and around the world; curriculum programs are transferred to leading universities in developed countries such as the UK, the US, etc. Through these activities, students are able to experience an international learning environment right in Vietnam.”


Future model

The signing significantly benefits students of UEB and Dao Duy Tu high school. Dao Duy Tu students will get career advice and be trained to confidently enter the university threshold as well as making the best school choice with their own ability and society needs. Through UEB, students will soon access to practical vocational thinking, gradually access to business activities, international conferences, and exchange with UEB students as well as international students studying at school.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Anh Thu gives speech at the ceremony
Prof.Dr. Ha Huy Bang 
Ms. Tran Thi My Quang speaks at the ceremony
With a wide network of international partners, the UEB will create many opportunities for students to  discover learning environment in international schools, thereby accumulating more experience and practical skills to get well-prepared for the future career.

This cooperation not only benefits students of two schools, but it also shows the connection between them. UEB's students will become “ambassadors” giving high school students career advice, as well as guiding and sharing concern with them.

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