Completing the repayment responsibility to Thriive ahead of time – enterprises continuing the social responsibility mission

The couple owner of Ngan Hang Garment and Ms Phuong Anh, the 19-year old trainee
As soon as running training courses and donating as committed before enrolling the program officially, businesses will complete Thriive's obligation, the program of VNU University of Economics and Business.

 In July 2019, while the two-year term of the project was not completed, Ngan Hang Garment and Think  Playground officially became “The former Thriive Hanoi members".

 After becoming the 2017-Thriive Business and receiving machinery as well as equipment from the program, both companies saw increases and had certain successes. Not mentioning a Thriive two-year participation only, Mr. Ngan and his wife, Ms. Hang, owners of Ngan Hang garment have carried out numerous humanitarian activities such as vocational training courses for the difficult and the young disabled, donating clothes to social organizations. Ms. Hang herself is also a disabled person, so she has great sympathy for people with difficult circumstances in society. The most recent trainee, Phuong Anh, 19 years old, is physically disabled and unable to move normally.

 After the donation of the playground to more than 1000 children in Duong Nhan village, Dong Anh district in April, Think Playground also completed the basic painting and carpentry training course for two disadvantaged people at the end of June and fulfilled the charitable repayment responsibility to Thriive program.

 Ms. Duc, the owner of Think Playground shared: "After giving the playground as well as the courses, it is better for us to understand the disadvantaged people with their needs and circumstances. We noticed that a playground helps children have a safe playing space and broaden the friendship circle. Moreover, this donation brings them a huge sentimental present far beyond the physical needs. Meanwhile, the vocational courses help workers have more stable job opportunities in order to support themselves and their families. I would like to express a sincere thanks to Thriive and we hope that work will continue to progress well so that we can deploy more activities for the poor”.

 Ms Duc, Think Playground’s owner and a child in Duong Nhan village

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