Thriive Hanoi Project and the New Leading Direction in 2019

Different from the recent years, instead of supporting small and medium enterprises in general with an interest-free amount of investment, in the Thriive Hanoi 2019 Project, the University of Economics and Business has made an almost comprehensive change.

Apart from ThriiveCapital - The interest-free loaning program now switch to focusing on supporting social enterprises that employ with disabilities, Thriive also has a simultaneous program, bringing greater values to each enterprise and more constant impacts to the community - TiiF Program (Thriive impact investment Fund).

With TiiF, the maximum limit that an enterprise can borrow is $50,000 with a preferential interest rate. Accordingly, this enterprise will be evaluated according to 4 factors when participating in the Program: Create new jobs - Empower women - Improve working condition for employees - Generate positivities to the environment.

Thriive Coordination Committee receives applications from business owners

Up until the early of September 2019, The Coordination Committee of Thriive Hanoi has received dozens of completed registration forms with great quality and high competitiveness. There are enterprises in various traditional goods businesses such as garments, handicrafts or interior designs and also that of specific fields, for example, classes for children with autism, cosmetic prosthesis production, etc.

The result of the first profile selection round is going to be released on 10th September 2019, along with a promise of a year with successful Thriive activities and spreading community mission like from the early years of operation.

Cong Cuong

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