Scholarship of 1,000 USD to study in Taiwan

On January 6th, 2019, National Chengchi University, Taiwan (NCCU) worked with the VNU University of Economics and Business to introduce the doctoral programs in Taiwan, in which the students have the opportunity to receive the scholarship of nearly 1,000 USD/month.

Attending the meeting, from NCCU, there were Prof. Robin K. Chou - Vice President of School of Commerce; Assoc.Prof. Hong Yi Chen - Faculty of Finance; Assoc.Prof. Shih Yi Chien - Faculty of Information System Administration; Assoc.Prof. Xiao Wen Yang from Faculty of Banking & Monetary; Assoc.Prof. Yu Chien Chang - Faculty of Innovation Technology. From the UEB, there were Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Anh Thu - Vice Rector, PhD. Nguyen Cam Nhung, Head of Office of Research and Partnership Development, Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Viet Khoi - Director of Center for International Training and Education.


After the success of the International Conference on "The dynamics of international trade and global supply chains" held by the UEB in collaboration with Chengchi National University and Minesota Duluth University in September 2019, the two sides discussed organizing the conference in 2020. According to Prof. Robin, the conference is expected to be held in Taiwan in 2020, scheduled in October.


Another topic for discussion is introduction of doctoral program in NCCU. Accordingly, interested candidates will have the opportunity to receive scholarships up to 1.000 USD/month, meanwhile, postgraduate students at NCCU are encouraged/supported in doing research and teaching during their study.


The program attracted interest from lecturers, learners of the UEB. Many students from other universities such as the University of Foreign Languages, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam Japan University also attended the event.

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