VNDirect as a reliable partner of the UEB in the field of finance and banking

As one of the prestigious educational institutions, with a network of business partners offering various career opportunities for the students, on July 12th, 2021, the VNU University of Economics and Business signed the cooperation agreement with VNDirect Securities Joint Stock Company.

Based on the signed MOU, the two sides will corporate in training, promoting research capacity of lecturers and students of the UEB. The two sides will also work together to organize internship programs, business tours for students of the university; joint training in some of the UEB’s training programs; guest speakers for seminars and conference etc.

In addition, VNDirect and UEB will cooperate to develop technology products and services in smart management projects.

At the signing ceremony, the two sides agreed on a number of activities such as: VNDirect receives a certain number of UEB’s students to visit and take the internship at its headquarters; apply preferential recruitment policy for UEB graduates etc.

UEB and VN Direct also shared the common in social responsibility. Accordingly, VNDirect will award scholarships to students with excellent academic performance and sponsor a number of events organized by the UEB such as Business Challenges, Job Fair, etc.


VnDirect and VNU-UEB reached important agreements during the MOU signing ceremony on July 12, 2021


Speaking at the ceremony, Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Anh Thu, Vice Rector of VNU University of Economics and Business, said: "With VNDirect, we see opportunities for sustainable, long-term cooperation which stay in line with the university's development goals. This will bring mutual benefits for the university and the business as well as opportunities and chances for the students.”

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Tu Anh (trans.)

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