Meeting between University of Economics and Business and Troy University’s Leaders

On 11th December 2007, representatives from the Board of University of Economics and Business discussed the joint BBA and MBA training programs with those from Troy University (USA).

The two sides have come into some conclusions in joint training programs as follow:

BBA training program:

- The two sides agreed to add more new agreement into signed agreement on April 19th 2004. The agreement concentrated on some main focuses as follow: transferring responsibility and rights of Faculty of Economics - VNU to the University of Economics and Business - VNU; collecting shool fees; paying taxes by Troy University.

- UEB is expected to organize graduation ceremony due to the program designed by Troy University on February 28th 2008.

MBA training program:

Troy University and University of Economics and Business - VNU decided on MBA training program with some specific contents following:

- Name of the program: Master of Business Administration.

- Duration: 14 -16 months.

- Framework: 36 credits, 12 subjects according to the model program of Troy University, of which, 6 subjects are lectured by Troy University’s lecturers.

Both sides also came into conclusion in some requirements for Vietnamese lecturers taking part in this program, as well as for students (such as: degrees, English level) and other issues as: finance, responsibility and rights of each side, oppurtunities for student participating in this program (receive certificate of finishing the program and oppurtunities to study in the US).

On the other hand, the two sides discussed cooperation in several fields as: program for lecturers and students exchange...

Mr. Judson Edwards, Director, Center for MBA Training and Economic Development - Troy University said that in the future, Troy University can advise and support UEB - VNU in training lecturers, building framework for new subjects of UEB.

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