Cooperated meeting between UEB - VNU and College of Business Administration - SNU

On 29th January 2008, the Leaders of College of Business Administration (Seoul National University. CBA - SNU) have visited and had the cooperated meeting with University of Economics and Business (Vietnam National Universty, Hanoi. UEB - VNU) accordingly to the cooperation agreement between 4 mayor East Asian Universities signed at BESETOHA forum.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hong Son, UEB’s Vice Rector and all other head of departments at UEB have attended the meeting to welcome the visitors.

At the meeting, the preventatives of both colleges have discussed in all the aspect that both considered such as the consultative cooperation, research, student exchange programs, lectures, seminar organization, student scholarship and short courses opening.

At the end of the meeting, University of Economics and Business - VNU and College of Business Administration - SNU have agreed that both colleges will have specific discussion together in the future to sign the MOU and implement cooperation activities.


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