Cooperative agreement with HADICO - another step to affirm the UEB’s policy of university embedding enterprises

The UEB is always ready to co-operate for mutual development.
As in the program of improving the cooperation between the UEB and enterprises, on July 2nd 2008, the UEB signed a cooperative agreement with Hanoi Agricultural Development and Investment Company limited (HADICO).

In the tendency of connecting the training to reality, the UEB is the pioneer in improving the cooperation with leading and prestigious enterprises. Since HADICO is an enterprise with advantages in customer relationships, facilities and experiences in training and developing human resources, the UEB signed the cooperative agreement with HADICO in some main issues as follow:

- To implement short term operational course, co-operative training programs within and without the country, etc, as requested by HADICO or the third side.

- To implement internship programs, visit tours and field works for students.

- HADICO’s officers to co-operate with the UEB’s professors in teaching practical knowledge, to award scholarships to UEB’s excellent students based on HADICO’s aspiration and proposal.

- To introduce and supply human resources for mutual development.

In the ceremony, both sides concentrated on further discussion in various field which need deeper cooperation such as MBA program, Mini MBA, Master in English with interpretation and short term courses in Enterprise Management, Human resource Management, Marketing… The two sides specified that with the current abilities, short term courses can be conducted straightforward while Master training programs, which are of great importance, need long term preparation. The two sides agreed to choose one from each side to be a coordinator of the program. Evaluation of the program’s results and cooperative schedule for different period will frequently be conducted. On behalf of HADICO, Mr. Phan Minh Nguyet - CEO and General Manager of HADICO emphasized: “We strongly sympathize and support the cooperation with enterprises of the UEB for mutual development. The signing ceremony has reflected the determination to cooperate of the two sides. For HADICO, we consider this a long term and firm cooperation for mutual benefits”.

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